2015 Roundup: Top 10 Ways to Reflect, Release and Reset

Oh boy, it’s that time of year when the world reflects on the past 12 months! Was 2015 a year of surprises? twists? shakedowns?

December is a combination of looking back and looking ahead. For me, it is an opportunity to dig into what’s already happened, detach from what doesn’t work and dive into what’s possible.

Here’s my top 10 questions to get you started:

Before you do anything…grab your 2016 calendar and your journal.  In the journal, list each month of the year in separate columns.  

New Year’s at midnight – Old clock with stars snowflakes and holiday lights

10. What was the theme(s) of 2015? Review your January schedule. Write down 1-3 words describing that month. Continue this review process until you cover all 12 months.

9. What is your favorite memory of 2015?  Write down an experience that sent you to the moon and back.  

8. How often did you meet with loved ones? Was it enough? Too much?

7. Did you commit to some form of fitness?  How often? Should you continue with this type of movement or try something new?

6. What is your biggest challenge of 2015? Are you struggling with your marriage? Are you in-between jobs? Did you experience a health setback? Betrayal? Caring for a loved one? How are you going to shift this experience from challenge to opportunity? Do you need a counselor, coach or trainer?

5. Did you try something new in 2015?  What was your measure of success? Will you move forward with this new way of being/idea or not? Last year, I wanted to be a runner. In preparation for this new adventure, I bought the right shoes and researched the right way to pace myself. I even asked seasoned runners for advice. Guess what happened? My mind loved the challenge, but the body started to scream out loud for days after practice. Although I wish a half marathon were under my belt by now, it was more important to listen to my howling knees. 

4. What’s out of order these days? With an open mind and heart, check out your finances, credit scores, investments and belongings. Clean up the mess and clear out the clutter. Make way for more of what you really want in your life.

3. Did you take any trips in 2015? Do you have travel plans for 2016? If you don’t have specific ideas, take a moment to block out time on the calendar. It’s the only way you can stay motivated to get off the grid!

2. How do you care for yourself? Is it time to seek something fresh? Again, enter your practices on the calendar to keep your dedication strong. Make playtime a priority.

1. What is your theme for 2016? Joy? Courage? Hope? Growth? Perhaps you pick a different theme for each month. Whatever you do, write your theme on the calendar. Look for quotes that support your theme. Randomly place them on your calendar for a fun reminder to stay on track.

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