3 Signs of Spring

March supplies many reasons to celebrate life. We shift from short, cold days into sunnier stretches. The world around us nudges us to awaken from deep sleep and long periods of silence. We are swept by Nature’s color transformation from drab browns and grays to vibrant rainbow hues. Signs of Spring invigorate our minds with specific images such as birds singing and flying butterflies. Have you considered these changes from a spiritual perspective?

Spring calls us.   

Going for a walk in March is an incredibly energizing experience. Nature is transitioning. Nature’s heartbeat lets go of creaking branches, harrowing winds and crunching snow. She no longer hides under the ground, burrows in trees and hibernates in caves. The Spring call begins with whispers from all directions which turn into magical songs of hope and inspiration. Nature doesn’t care how people judge her noises. She keeps playing her tune with joy and passion.

Part of Nature, Spring calls us to listen to our inner self. We must awaken and no longer hide, burrow or hibernate. We must listen, observe and come into contact with bounding spirit. We can pay attention to this invitation to feel alive in new and colorful ways. A genuine urge summons us to get unstuck and connect with our joyful selves again. At first we are reluctant, even resistant, to try out our new “look.” But day by day our hearts get pumped.  We now have no choice but to answer Spring’s call and to emerge from our cocoons.

Spring awakens us.  

Seeds have an uncanny sense of timing. They know when it’s time to push up and out. Somehow they remember how to use dark and still hours to get ready to bloom and stand in the light. They understand the importance of setting aside moments of undisturbed rest in between active and unpredictable weather changes.

Winter slows our pace and make us stir crazy. Our days seem to come and go from a place of routine. Habits easily crawl into tired space. We prefer autopilot over spontaneity, yet dream a future escape. Then, at long last, Spring knocks at our doorstep asking us to rise and shine. We come out of the shadows of our old and expired stories in the hopes of unveiling fresh and exciting adventures. Our eyes pop open. We begin to see opportunities that fill us with hope. With Spring’s constant presence we anchor ourselves and at last stand in light.

Spring opens us.  

Spring’s arrival invites us to think of openings. The ground splits to reveal its underground gifts. The sky bursts to show us the sun. Insects and animals emerge. They free themselves from their former homes and once-young bodies. Trees open their buds and fill the world with scent and visual drama. 

Does Spring send a signal to open and lift us out of our bodies, minds and spirits? Yes! The opening starts with the little touches Spring infuses into our senses. We tune in and look for signs of spring within ourselves. Our bodies feel lighter and open to being outdoors, socializing and breaking out of routines. Our minds open to the idea of how to revitalize stale and sluggish relationships. Our spirits are delighted when we get back to seeing the world through eyes of peace, love and joy.  

Spring opens us up in bright and sparkling ways.

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