A Meeting with Peace, Love and Joy

We love meetings! 

Whether it’s a formal discussion or a casual get together, meetings represent dedicated time with others. Meeting details include the proverbial 5Ws:  Who, What, Where, When and Why. Our level of engagement varies on roles, agenda and proposed outcomes. Sometimes we are wholly engaged, other times distracted and uncertain of the stakes.

Meetings represent an opportunity to generate positive energy, both as an individual and via our group humanity. Meetings might also be called prayer gatherings with intentions and offerings and involve similar details to their fancier- named counterparts.


The purpose of a meeting sets the tone for guiding the self and others.

When we meet in the name of Peace, activities, and mood should focus on relaxation, rest and stillness. For example, meditation represents a meeting between breath, body, and mind. If anxiety and anger persist the meeting falls short of maximizing alignment and engagement.


Focusing on what matters allows us to get through the agenda with clarity and purpose.

When we gather in the name of Love, we activate the imagination to show us the “what” or meaning of love. Serving others is a meeting of the hearts where the giver and receiver benefit from a loving energy exchange. From the heart, we speak love into existence and fill the world with certainty instead of chaos. When love leads us we anchor ourselves from a place of community and presence instead of separation and mindlessness.

Meeting my daughter for the first time was the most special moment of my life. They laid Julia on my chest in the delivery room, and my heart completely melted. She was just so peaceful.-Lacey Chabert


Depending on the why and what, where we hold the meeting has different meanings.

A meeting at someone’s home, a mountain top, or a fancy restaurant impacts the degree to which others feel open, safe and connected. Celebrations of Joy occur in places where people laugh, smile and speak from the heart. Whether attending a wedding, witnessing the birth of a child or graduating from high school – joyful moments raise the vibe of all gathered in that place.


With a high value placed on time, we take extra measures to ensure meetings are worth the investment.

Our motivation and/or resistance to attending a meeting greatly depends on it, whether it’s for 15 or 60 minutes. Most of us reluctantly allow a stingy five minutes to ourselves for self-care. Yet we spend mindless and uncounted hours wandering around the internet without taking account of the passing of time. Scheduled meetings that center on inner awareness fuel endless possibilities to awaken the spirit. No doubt this is time well spent.


Meeting heart to heart with others is an intimate, sacred and transformative experience.

When do we look into our hearts, who meet us there?

Can we place all of humanity there or must we limit access to a chosen handful? Yes, there are times when we must pay closer attention and guard this sacred space.

A loved one passes away, a romantic breakup shakes equilibrium, a wave of loneliness creeps in…the heart tires, struggles and suffers. Oddly enough a heart’s healing requires a meeting that returns it back to love. This moment happens when the heart cracks open and makes room for a new experience with someone or something else.

Make your next meeting a memorable one.

Determine the details which support your Divine Self and bring Peace, Love, and Joy to the world.

This is the authentic meaning of the meeting.

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