A Love Letter to Ourselves

Dear Precious Human Family Members,

Do you remember New Year’s Day 2020?

It was the last time we joined together as a world community. On that occasion, we joyfully traded in our worn 2019 memories for a fresh new year of possibility and positivity

Three months later we meet again. The reasons are vastly different, and we await uncertain pronouncements in an ever-expanding timeframe. A virus sweeps across our beloved planet causing suffering and loss. Conversations, news reports, and private posts circulate a sudden and unanticipated brew of fear, fact, and fiction.

Chatter covering an unforeseen dystrophic future is deafening. We drown in panicky whispers despite our recent January commitment to meet uncertainty and change with open hearts and spirits

Where are we now?

Do we stand ready to rally around a call to heal by replacing noise with a knowing certainty that we have nothing to fear but fear itself?

Humanity’s Call to Action:  Spread Love Now 

Each of us has an opportunity to be a witness for love.
Love heals.
Love heals everything.
Love never fails.

Fear heals nothing. Fear always fails. Love leads to trust regardless of circumstances.

Love illuminates individual light as beacons of hope for us all. Love throws open the gateway to serving others with compassion and understanding.

Courage Overcomes Madness

No need to slay a dragon or stand atop a tornado. Courage asks only that we embrace our innate inner guidance. The world attempts in vain to convince itself that our thinking intelligence can stamp-out negativity. Not so.  An authentic beating heart is our deepest intelligence to navigate the trajectory of world history. Do we want to be remembered for madness or courage?

Creativity Over Consumption

Shut out the collective mental noise and drama. Allow only that still small voice to speak its truth.

In this sacred space, we can discern answers based on Love, Peace and Joy. Fear’s menace of a disaster virus shrinks our capacity to survive and thrive. 

By actively listening, we activate Peace, Love, and Joy. 

Embrace the Divine energy which shines bigger and brighter yesterday, today and always. Co-create with the Divine within. Resist insanity’s non-stop chatter. Do you want insanity or creativity?

Challenge Overcomes Crisis

Challenges are a wake-up call to greatness.

Right now it feels as if these adverse conditions possess more power, stamina, and control than our spirits. Not true.

Once we fully embrace the Truth of Who We Are – the energy of crisis transforms into victory.

Because this wisdom already resides deep within us, we have everything we now need.  We can now find our way out of this seemingly real, but genuinely fake illusion. 

In Times of Crisis Let Us:

1.  Do something that pushes our limits and beyond.

Contribute to a story of humanity overcoming adversity and revealing we are capable of far more than we imagine. Look for reasons to share messages of strength and empathy.

2. Focus on goodness.

Unfortunately, our collective brain is inclined to cling onto real or perceived external threats. Can we instead harness what is good within, and be a force for good in the world? Find reasons to appreciate everything and everyone.

3. Connect to nature.

We don’t have to hide or isolate ourselves until the problem goes away. Nature seeks our partnership.

Nature shares her understanding of the seasons highlighting birth, life, and death.

Everything on earth has an expiration date, including unexpected twists and turns of fate. Find reasons to be aware of Nature and how it keeps us nurtured and safe.

Productivity Overcomes Passivity

When we convince ourselves something or someone is capable of causing us great harm, a part of us has already accepted defeat. We don’t like pain and will do anything to avoid and push it out of sight.

Once we can acknowledge the struggle, the impact shifts from defeat to resilience.

We move out of misery’s mystery into curiosity. We look to gather not drain resources to find success. Do we want to be remembered for our potency or paralysis?

Calm Overcomes Catastrophe 

Stillness affords a chance to relax overactive minds and restless hearts. In quiet we tap into the soft and steady voice of support. The disorder cannot exist in a world that prioritizes grace and ease. Conflict cannot thrive in a peaceful world.

We are capable of making the voice of peace louder than the blast of chaos. The choice is ours: do we want to be remembered for responding with peace or reacting with calamity? May we together choose peace.

This global experience carries deadly potential: to fling our millions of individual minds into millions of shattering directions. Let’s not allow this to happen. Let’s focus together solely on LOVE. Only love alters outcomes. Harnessed together by belief and trust, Spirit catapults us out of our lonely, fearful selves to join our common Oneness: 

To Be Here – in this Now – Together in Love.

With profound understanding, love and gratitude,

All Brothers and Sisters Everywhere

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