Adjusting Your Physical Edges

Physical pain has taken center stage in my life for the past month. Instead of letting bursts of discomfort or distress take over my day, I decided to adjust my physical edges. The adjustment period involved heaping doses of listening to the messages behind the pain and focusing on loving myself. It was a reminder that making good choices allows me to feel empowered even in unfamiliar places.

Let’s face it, physical pain is not fun at all. Routines and priorities take a back seat. Your head wants to focus on what shows up as unrelenting physical drama.

Is recovery from pain an act of climbing out of a tough and destructive place? Or is healing the willingness to reach inward for a greater understanding of wellness? Here are four ways I learned to adjust my body, head and heart to pull through this experience.

Keep on living. Yes, I need to rest the body to get better. Yes, I need to steer away from the computer and hot yoga because they cause more pain. It is time for a new strategy in adjusting physical edges. What will make me happy right now? The answer: It’s not about missing out on my favorite yoga classes. It’s about choosing gentle alternatives that leave me on the path to wellbeing. 

Seek strength. Although my tendency is to be upbeat and positive, physical pain is a great mojo buster. Sometimes it becomes obvious when pain is directing my words and attitude. Other times, I am releasing silent daggers at it and commanding it to go away soon. Instead of avoiding unpleasant thoughts and uncomfortable sensations, I let them pass through me. I literally say I love you to my body. I invest and place more value in its healing than pain. 

Be forgiving. Guess what I discovered on my path to healing pain?  Forgiveness releases tension on any level. Every part of me feels lighter when I see pain from a place of love. It allows me to forgive my body this very instant. Then I close my eyes and feel the forgiveness moving into the discomfort. Love and acceptance lead to recovery.

Stop judgment. Often pain is a subject that others like to draw out in endless conversations. People love sharing pain stories. Why compete in the pain arena and add to the energy of suffering in this world? Don’t judge others for choosing pain over healing. Rather, bless the storytellers of pain. Remind yourself and others that this pain will pass. In a quiet moment, use the pain to serve as an opportunity to extend compassion to yourself and others.

My CD, Heart Wide Open, will teach you simple practices to help you adjust your edges and stay inspired.

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