An Angel for a Ghost

“The sensation of flying often comes from a wild and unexpected storm.” 

This quote from my book Under the Open Sky reminds me how life can take you anywhere. A year ago, I never thought I’d see this story out in the open. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. More often than not, people are less scared and more unaware they even need help. We live in a self-sufficient “adapt or perish” culture, in which people work or they don’t eat. As a freelance ghostwriter, I understand this dynamic too well. However, my passion for writing is key to my inner survival – it is too big to ignore anymore. 

Knowing Rita as an angel reader, I sprinted to the chance of meeting up and helping her share positive messages through written word. Although I believed our meeting was about my writing services, it turned out Rita was the person who would help me insteadDuring the course of our visit, she listened as I told her about my work, what I do, and a little about myself as a writer.

What I didn’t say, she already knew. At first glance, I was a college-educated young woman grappling for a career and trying to meet new people. But on a personal note, I was also a single mother struggling with mental and physical distress. In wanting to help a particular individual cope with a life crisis, I soon realized I was part of the problem. I forgot about myself while trying to save someone else. 

“You have a story,” I can remember Rita telling me through her eyes and words. “the Spirit is limitless but you are not. That’s how angels come in, to help us in life and express what we can’t say.” Suddenly I had to face the facts: Love conquers all and fear should never conquer you. 

You need help. Get help. Get moving or get pushed. 

Over the next couple of months, I heard the messages loud and clear. Angels are gentle and everlasting but they also serve as a mirror to the self. They can show time as a spectrum—what we left in the past, what we’re ignoring the present, and how it effects the future. Eventually we come to a moment when we open or close the veil revealing another way…and hopefully one leading to greater happiness. 

Once I opened myself to my angels, the floodgates came after. I let go of the relationship. During that time, I took a break from full-time ghostwriting and focused on my own book, Under the Open Sky. Based on my childhood, the novel slowly travels through a more fictional vein, and I revisit my past, my power, and the powers that be. The characters all have something in common: they look for angels when everyone else sees them as a ghost.

Love and light, Rachel  BUY RACHEL’S BOOK ON AMAZON.COM

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