Angels: Insights on Divine Engagement

Do you know why it’s so easy to connect with Angels?

They are passionate about helping us survive our time on earth.

They are committed to our well- being even when we don’t feel good about ourselves or don’t believe we are making a difference.

They are on our team and constantly cheer for us. I love when Angels “show up” in the practice room – their support and guidance is so precious!

Unlock your potential to connect and enjoy a powerful relationship with these divine beings that care for us in so many ways. Here’s how:

No Judgment

Unlike Santa, Angels don’t care if you’ve been bad or good. They see beyond your choices, beyond your stories and beyond your pain. Angels only exchange messages with your inner spark; the part of you that looks like them!  

Partnership of Love

Since Angels resonate your inner spark, their energy is high. You will know you are plugged in to the presence of an Angel because you feel light, relaxed and peaceful. It is as if you stepped into a bathtub of feathers.  

Endless Joy

Angels use joy and love as their juice to bring you into divine awareness. Divine awareness allows you to remember that you are perfect, whole and complete. You are one with all beings and an extension of the God Spark. As a result, you feel deep happiness and a love for everyone and everything.

So… Drop your doubt and just say hi! Get into a quiet place where you don’t be disturbed for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine yourself surrounded by white light.

On your mental TV screen, call out to your Guardian Angel or name a specific Angel (see below for ideas). Continue to breathe and allow your imagination to open wide. Be confident that you will make contact!  You may receive confirmation through a sound/feeling/touch/smell.  For as long as you can, stay in the moment and enjoy your time. At your next visit, you may want to ask a question. At the end of the visit, offer your thanks to the Angel for your time together. Positive energy builds more positive energy.

If you sense nothing at first, try again! Once you shake off the anxiety, you will find success. Again, don’t overthink your experience: give it a shot and surprise yourself with the awesome results.

Here are 3 Angels that I personally call on for help: 


Armed with his sword of truth, Michael is always around to release the clutter out of our inner and outer bodies. Also, Michael protects you whenever you feel afraid, alone or unsteady in life.


Healing and safe travels are the cornerstones of Raphael’s role.  Call upon Raphael to heal your body of any imbalance, negativity, health issues, cravings or addictions you are encountering at this time. Raphael is there at times when you travel by planes, trains or automobiles.  Ask him to keep you calm, cool and collected at the airport, on the train or driving to your destination.


Looking for an extra dose of courage and strength?  Need help with forgiveness, a deeper connection to God, undoing chaos? Ask Chamuel!  Besides these incredible talents, Chamuel is a champion of helping you find inner peace, the love of your life, your car keys, a home and so much more. 

Surprise someone with an unforgettable gift – a certificate for a reading! It’s the perfect present for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or to say thanks.

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