Are You Done Yet? Signs of Completion

When I offered free readings at a networking event, a lovely woman stopped by to share her story.

She was in a romantic relationship that was long overdue for change and I don’t mean in the form of a beauty makeover or a weekend getaway. She was drained and tired by lingering in a commitment that no longer served her or her partner.

As I tuned into her energy field, the word “completion” showed up as a recurring theme. It caused me to pause and smile at the beauty of this word.

Most of us unconsciously associate “done” to mean a blank page awaits us on the other side. That blank page can be scary because it implies we’re finished with the old and now it’s time to proceed toward something new. 

But what if we’re stalling? What if we don’t know where we want to go next so we’re making excuses? What if we’re stalling (secretly to ourselves) because we’d rather just keep on doing the same old/same old rather than venture forth toward something completely new?

Maybe something which we fear, but in actuality, will bring us the very fulfillment we’re desperately looking for?

In a world of endless options, how do you agree to accept “a completion” and make yourself move forward? Here are 4 tips:

1. Dig in

Write down a list of who and what you are committed to today. Do all of your commitments generate a positive level of engagement? When you are happy with life, you laugh more and play without worry or guilt. If you look at your list and find yourself less than thrilled or are angry and unsettled, pay close attention. Again, write down that specific commitment and state why you feel confused or restless. You may be heading for completion.

2. Inhale

You can’t breathe fully and completely. When I meet with clients for the first time, they feel overwhelmed, heavy-hearted and consumed with a range of emotions. They may be choked up and even suffocating their way through life. Part of the healing journey involves mindful breath work. Listening to the rhythm of breath is naturally calming and fills the brain with the right fuel to plug into creativity. When the brain is in a healthy place, the inner voice will surface and share gentle and clear strategies for completion.

3. Solicit

You feel compromised and don’t know which way to steer. A small investment in a life review will yield big payoffs. If you have more questions than answers about a commitment, it doesn’t mean you need to walk away from it…yet. Ask yourself, what information do I need to collect to bring more focus on whether or not I stay or move into completion. For me, it is so helpful to come up with specific tasks and a deadline. Then I know that I am actively investing in an outcome. 

4. Busted

You find yourself broken, hopeless and alone. Unless you make strong strides to improve and develop clear-cut strategies to see possibilities, this is a clear sign that one of your commitments needs completion. Does completion make you a bad person or someone who didn’t try hard enough? NO! It is a reflection of someone who values living from a place of authenticity and peace.  

Let’s be honest. Completion work is not easy. But if you look back and see where completion has happened, you’ll appreciate the momentum it took to get there which then allows you to shine in new ways!

Do you need help with clearing away commitments? Fill out the form below and let me help you clear the way toward completion!

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