Ask the Wizard

Turn on your inner TV screen for a few minutes. Imagine we are following the yellow brick road and are on our way to Emerald City to visit the Wizard of Oz. 

Yellow brick road winding through the forest at Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Excitement builds and we can hardly wait to get there. We convince ourselves Oz’s magic will bring our dreams to life.

Along the yellow brick road, we learn the Wizard will ask us to choose one of four wishes. We wonder which option will bring us the most value and joy right now. The 4 wishes include:

  1. Appreciate your mind (Brain). When your mindset is in alignment with gratitude, the mind attracts miracles. You become aware of Divine Flow, a way of living beyond doubts. You trust in the timely arrival of all that life requires. At last, your grateful thoughts are certain the world is a place without limits and judgments. 
  2. Live with Courage. Willingness aka Divine Courage is an attitude with big payoffs. You discover all choices are flexible and experiences are temporary. You believe in the power of being open and unafraid of being yourself. You step forward with a deep knowing you are supported and not alone.
  3. Listen to your Heart. With your whole self in tune with your heart song, you hear the heartbeat of the world. You play the most beautiful music. You create more love, compassion and beauty for yourself and your relationships.
  4. Going Home. Your authentic self will find enrichment in its own innocence and that of other beings. You connect with what is genuine and real in the world – love, peace and joy. You build your foundation on happiness, faith and forgiveness. 

The Wizard is right in front of you. Take a deep breath and tell him your wish. Watch the magic transform your dream into reality.

Tell me your wishes by filling out the form below!

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