Awakening Our Head, Heart and Gut: The 3 Brains

Why are we here?

According to spiritual teachers and texts, we are spiritual beings having an experiences in a human body. If we accept this truth, life on Earth is a series of projects designed to transition us to experiences of Peace, Love and Joy.

Intuition is the “Project Coordinator” which navigates us between the spiritual and human. We are much more than a brain that decides to visit a waterfall; the intuitive part of us knows we are already there. Such inner knowing generates bliss.

We are rational, reasoning, fact-driven people. We are also more. We are Creators. We possess instincts, filters and perspectives which guide us to our potential and possibilities.

Where are our 3 Brains?

  1. Pineal gland Located behind the forehead, the Pineal Gland is known as the “Third Eye.” Many believe this is where wonder and dreaming come together to inform us of our spiritual connection to the Divine. Headaches, relentless cycling of thoughts and forgetfulness indicate we prefer distractions over focus and inspiration.
  2. HeartThe heart is the seat of love and compassion. It is located in the center of the chest. People tell us to follow our heart for good reason. When we tap into love, any situation and relationship has a chance to escape from suspicion, fantasy and confusion.
  3. GutLocated behind the belly button, this center processes emotions and moods. Nausea, diarrhea and constipation signal we have forgotten to rely on our gut. An inability to let something digest, move and pass through us creates imbalance and blockage.

Divine Intelligence Centers

The 3 brains function as independent Intelligence Centers. Together they synergistically maintain our spiritual connection and transform human brokenness. If one intelligence center operates without the support of the other two centers, we remain vulnerable, compromised and subject to external influences and illness.

When all three brains are actively in sync, we easily intuit how to shift out of surviving and limitation into thriving and choice. It’s living beyond safety, control, avoidance and past experiences. Being anchored in The Truth of Who We Are allows us to embrace every moment as sacred regardless of how it appears to an outsider.DEVELOPING YOUR INTUITION

Brain Intelligence

An intuitive mind draws from both logic and inspiration to make wise decisions. Brain intelligence resonates with the energetic frequency of clarity. Brain intuition employs context and insight with signs and symbols. Head based language sounds like “I think” or “I understand”.

Heart Intelligence

An intuitive heart beats from understanding and empathy to make authentic decisions. Heart intelligence resonates with the energetic frequency of freedom. Heart intuition reveals itself as a quiet whisper accompanied by a corresponding emotion like happiness or disappointment. Heart based language center’s on “I feel”.

Gut Intelligence

An intuitive gut digests mental and emotional data to make honest decisions. Gut intelligence resonates with the energetic frequency of digestion. This type of intuition occurs via physical sensations and impulse. Gut based language makes statements like, “It takes guts,” “Let’s do it” or “Go for it.”

Maria struggles for answers.

Maria receives two great job offers in a week. Most of us get excited with multiple offers. Not Maria. The pressure to choose one job over another is overwhelming. She often hits a blank mental wall. Her stomach flip-flops from fear of making a wrong decision. Whenever she calls her girlfriend for help, Maria ends up snapping at her. In fact Maria is upset that her girlfriend encouraged her to apply for both positions. How will Maria make the right decision?

In this scenario, Maria’s 3 intelligence centers appear closed off and out of reach due to mental and emotional distress. As the creator of her own destiny, Maria determines the best investment of her time and energy. However one choice will consume energy and the other generate it.

Option 1: Consume Energy: If she uses stress to resolve this situation she will likely experience uncertainty, ambiguity and incessant ruminating about the other job.

Option 2: Generate Energy: If Maria cultivates the intuitive response, she awakens to mindfulness, deep listening and trusting her gut. The job option naturally and effortlessly emerges from this precious place.

Maria chooses Option 2 with her wellness coach. She practices the following steps to get herself grounded and in touch with her inner intelligence:

1. Get to brain balance with breath to access both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

2. Step away from stress and any story of failure.

3. Check in and listen to signals between the heart and gut. Check in with what your heart truly wants and values, and what your gut desires to say. Without stress and drama, what does your head think? An emerging internal voice begins to speak a new truth.

4. Use all three centers. Ask: What is present or absent in the moment? Is there compassion in the heart, creativity in the mind, and courage in the gut?

‘”Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Compromising Intelligence, Creating Separation

At first, intuitive experiences may appear far-fetched and made up. Intuition works best from a place of neutrality and trust. Major intuition disrupters are judgement, emotional charges and rejection.

Over-analyzing incoming messages leads to confusion. Anger, depression and pain inhibit intuitive flow. Fear of being wrong interferes with intuition. Running on empty and ignoring physical needs such as hunger and sleep shut down intelligence centers. Flow is broken and and survival mode kicks in.

Awakening Intelligence, Creating Coherence

The 3 Intelligence Centers direct us through any experience. Intelligence Centers keep us spiritually attuned with our True Self.

Try these four simple ways to wake up and align the centers:

  1. Belly breathingPlace one hand on your belly button and one hand on your heart. Close your eyes and take a few deep, full breaths. Allow your hands to move out and up slightly with the inhale and move back and in with the exhale. Relax the mind. Be still. Repeat.
  2. ChantingCome to a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes. Breathe in. As you breathe out, say these sounds out loud. Direct the sounds into the 3 intelligence centers.Gut RAAMHeart YAAMMind OMRound 1: Say each word separately three times. RAAM, RAAM, RAAM/YAAM, YAAM, YAAM/OM,OM,OMRound 2: Say the words together three times. RAAM, YAAM, OM…
  3. AffirmationsRelax the body with your breath. Close the eyes. Say these words.Gut: May I process the truth.Heart: May I feel the truth.Mind: May I know the truth.
  4. SoundListen or play an instrument like a sound bowl, gong or drum.
  5. Move with intentionChoose walking, yoga or your favorite form of physical connection.

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