Be a Messenger of Love

The Language of Love

Webster tells us a messenger is

“Someone who bears: a communication in writing, in speech or by signals or an underlying theme or idea.”

Hundreds of words flow out of our mouths and hands each day. We write, text and chat using our fingers. Our body language broadcasts signals. Some messages are sent with well considered intent and others go out on auto-pilot. (Some Twitter users confess to spewing uncensored, ill-considered sound bites!) Some messages are clear, direct and open while others are confusing, judgmental and sarcastic.

With a constant deluge of messages floating in the air, which ones do we remember most and why?

We exchange messages based on many factors: age, culture, upbringing, trauma, etc. On the adventure of self-discovery, we are often called to become bigger than the factors that shape our communications. It is when we place ourselves outside our egos that we find miracles, gifts, and makes room for the real reason we are here – to practice Peace, Love and Joy.

In today’s world we must consider that we have chosen to be here to herald change, and to contribute to a more loving and peaceful existence. By choosing love we tap into the most powerful energy on the planet. Let’s choose love by serving as a Messenger of Love.

Love makes the world go ‘round

What does it mean to be a Messenger of Love?

Messengers generate positive energy.

Love generates profound energetic shifts from the inside-out while madness, depression and sadness consume energy. Messages reflect when Love is present versus fear. Messages of Love give access to forgiveness, healing and transformation.

Exercise: Notice how and when you generate Love or fear through your messages. Offer a message of Love through your words, devices and body language.

Messengers inspire, encourage and promote limitlessness.

Thankfully, we have plenty of people who show us a path to Love such as teachers, clergy, coaches, and family members. When we reflect on our lives we recall those who touch our hearts and remind us of what we are really made of – Love. In their enlightened presence, we don’t feel pressured, stupid or lacking. Through them we see our reflection of our own beauty, wisdom and depth.

Exercise: Close your eyes and imagine a Love Messenger standing beside you. What loving message are they sharing with you?

“You can’t rule the world. But what you can do is win the world with love and understanding.” – Don King

Messengers light the way to possibilities, awareness and appreciation.

Triggers, patterns and habits deplete and drain us of energy. In the midst of these heated moments, we immediately react and limit our capacity to understand, find compassion and respond from a place of Love. A Messenger of Love seeks to reverse pain and presses on to find the light and discover new insights.

Exercise: Name one habit that separates you from Love. What simple action can you take to loosen your attachment to the habit and connect to Love?

Messengers open hearts and minds through curiosity and play.

Reading books, watching videos, joining groups and attending gatherings with Love Messengers lift us to higher places in the heart. When we forget how amazing we are or question our place in the world, Love Messengers guide us Home. Their messages pull us out of constraint and into expansion.

Exercise: Discover a new Love Messenger or uncover new teaching from your favorite Love Messenger. Write down a quote that resonates with your heart and expands it to grow.

Messengers seek divine exchanges with all beings.

If our eyes are windows to spirit, we are able to send messages of Love back and forth from our divine portal to anyone, anywhere at any time, even those who have passed on ahead of us! As a Messenger of Love the universe offers its Unconditional Love. Recognize and cherish this Love: you are in the presence of the Divine! From this place, we stand as Messengers of Love for all beings everywhere.

Exercise: Via your heart, send a Love message to the world. Pause and allow the Love of the world to fill you.

Messengers recognize their purpose.

Love is the current flowing in, through and all around us. Messengers of Love tune into and illuminate this flow. They serve with Love through presence, truth, and wisdom. They are messengers of clarity when nothing makes sense. They lead with hope in lonely times.

Exercise: Repeat this mantra out loud and with confidence:

“I am here to be a Messenger of Love. I am here to shine Love in all directions. I am here to offer presence, truth, and wisdom. I am here to offer clarity and hope.”

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