Butterfly Release

Although it’s early for butterflies to fly around the cold Midwest, a recent spiritual experience showed me how to find them in a new place – inside of my body.

One of my favorite writing activities is posting words of encouragement and inspiration on Facebook each day. In January, I announced that my New Year’s resolution was to pay positive attention to my belly and I named the series “Tummy Talk.” The postings represent reflections of my growing insights about the interesting and mysterious relationships we have with our bellies.

With resolution in hand and heart, I have been using yoga as a way of spending quality time with my tummy. Once I have stepped on the mat, I am offered a new opportunity to stretch tight limbs and breathe in healthy affirmations. On this day, the guiding words were,”Let me be still and listen to the truth.”

During class, I experienced three waves of inner and outer movement that led me to the truth. Allow me to explain…

Round 1

Amy*, the assistant, came over to help me with a hip opener at the same time I was pushing out a big breath. Instantly, my body reacted to the combination of pulling and breathing. The hips shouted back, “Not yet!”

Round 2

Amy gently massaged my back body. Shortly after she left, my hips sunk down as a sign of surrender. In my mind, I saw a family member linked to an unhealthy and unidentifiable memory. Instead of asking questions about when or how or what, I moved past the details and into healing mode.

ArchAngel Michael, with the sword of truth, stepped in and cut the cord. Then, he restored a vibrant cord between my beloved and me.

A few minutes later…

I turned around and lay down on my back. As more air filled my body, I saw a kaleidoscope of butterflies flying out of the belly. In the stillness, I smiled at the beautiful visual. Immediately, my mind clicked and saw the butterflies as a sign of release and flight.

Upon deeper reflection, I recalled the metaphor “butterflies in my stomach.” Usually, when someone says these words, it usually means anxiety is taking over or there is a feeling of strong emotions. The questions started streaming in: Am I releasing a story or taking flight into a new adventure? Did I release anxiety or strong emotions? Or do I simply enjoy the moment and move on?

Round 3

In the final resting pose called “shavasana,” I saw a second cord in my neck. As I started to release it, Linda*, the yoga teacher, came over and started working on my neck – perfect timing! With the help of ArchAngel Michael and Linda’s caring touch, I proceeded with the cord release


Let me be still and listen to the truth. In quiet and unexpected moments of yoga, the truth opened me up to possibilities beyond my human limitations. It is so humbling to receive the message of truth in these ways. Stay open and listen to your truth, my friends!

(*Not real names)

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