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Why Imagination Matters

Living in the Wild West or Endless Color What was it like to be famous gunfighter Jesse James in America’s Old West? A gunfighter possesses extraordinary courage in the face of danger. He fiercely defends himself and community from dangerous outlaws and rivals. With a cautious eye and closed-off heart, gunfighter James erected an impenetrable …

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Forgiveness: The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Ho, Ho, Ho, give me your dough! Before long we’ll be running through store aisles and cruising online past midnight for “perfect gifts” for loved ones. Merchants will try to convince us to also buy items for ourselves. Are we complicit to copping to the rationale “We’re in a well-deserved shopping mood and deserve to …

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Avoiding Holiday Meltdowns

Ho, Ho, No? Holidays can bring out the best – or worst in us. Amid commercials depicting cheery families dressed in matching pajamas, there is often a quiet melancholy that drifts into our psyches. We mix fantasy, memories, guilt and mild skepticism into a seasonal beverage that we consume in large quantities. A lot of …

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How to Shed Stress this Fall

The teachings of the wind As Ashley looks out the window, she notices the wind capturing Fall’s colorful leaves and dispersing them. The leaves don’t resist the wind. They don’t seem to mind their constant location change. Ashley sighs. Life recently has been one major upheaval after another. Where does the time go? Her husband …

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What Are You Grateful For?

Let us lift up all Beings with gratitude Cultivating a gratitude practice beyond normal definitions results in improved physical and psychological health. Notice other positive gratitude side effects: increased happiness, sleep and energy and less stress, struggle and pain. Gratefulness rewards investments of time which prioritize relationships, deepen compassion and enrich the spirit. As November …

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Healthy Holiday Boundaries

Dana hears the annoying question coming from the other end of the phone. They are posed by her brother Norm. Although Norm says these words out loud, Dana has been thinking about and dreading this question for the past week. She’s mentally rehearsed the perfect answer, but her throat freezes up and her stomach flip …

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Voices of Strength

Crisis Compromises Hannah’s Mind and Heart Hannah is struggling with the Coronavirus experience. Juggling the news, internet and social conversations she has not figured out how to balance the noise, quarantine and increasing online dependency. One moment she feels frustrated and anxious, the next she is smiling and light-hearted. Instead of using this time off …

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