Celebrate Love, Angel Style!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

Leave it to the Angels to bring us back to the place of love. Angels are divine generators of a love that is eternal, deep and without boundaries. Angels infuse our world with opportunities to grow our hearts in big and amazing ways.

Celebrate love, Angel Style, in these four ways:

1. Celebrate innocence

If you are in a place of guilt or shame, innocence is totally off your radar. Some folks actually believe innocence is an old-fashioned word and refers to children and older adults. Not true! Innocence is looking at all beings and things as pure, whole and complete. Imagine innocence as the way Angels see you all the time – that’s why their eyes are so beautiful! Every Angel encounter is a celebration of all that is perfect, limitless and timeless in you.

2. Celebrate tenderness

How do Angels celebrate tenderness? They generously offer, with great gentleness, their light to keep you warm and safe. Their bright energy surrounds you with comfort and peace to knock out the fear. They are in no hurry to leave your side; in fact, you really can’t shoo them away! How did we get so lucky to call Angels our friends?

3. Celebrate kindness

Whenever I work on a client’s energy body, Angels instantly appear with their loving presence. As I step aside for them to extend their healing magic, I witness the shifting and releasing of old wounds and stories. Angels play celestial music in praise of the client’s efforts. In their view, the opening of your heart and mind to Divine Guidance and Wisdom is a most joyous event. The kindness of Angels is a celebration of a great and precious gift beyond words.

4. Celebrate truth

Angels invite us to see Divine Truth in all people. Truth is, we are all born with a God Self. Thanks to our egos, our God Self shrinks and seems invisible. You know an Angel is with you when you feel light and free. You know an Angel is with you when you see the God Self in others. Loving another is truly a celebration of a higher vibration that cuts through fear and makes the world a better place.

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