Celebrating Our Inner Mother

Inside us all is a mother. Like our birth mother, “Inner Mom” doesn’t hold back her ideas, feelings or opinions. Her voice speaks to the truth, joy and passion stored in our spirit.

Inner Mom beckons us to greatness. She invites us to invest in our authentic selves. Her passion on our behalf is 100%.

When Inner Mom offers wisdom, we shift into one of three modes: 

We are born of love; love is our mother. – Rumi
  1. Put our hands on our ears and pretend she’s not there
  2. Yell back at her to seemingly defend ourselves
  3. Pause, truly listen and say thank you

Although we may try to run and resist her, Inner mom has our best interest at heart. It is because she does everything with heart. Read more about an open heart.

The Magic of Inner Mom

Inner mom shows us how to navigate life’s ups and downs. 

When we feel low and restless Mom speaks up. She gathers up sweet words from the far ends of the universe and drops them in our hearts like candy. After a few bites of these tasty treats we gain perspective and clarity. 

Inner Mom reminds us we are amazing.

She’ll do anything to make us understand that difficulties will come and go. She offers constant encouragement to begin again. 

Inner Mom contains an endless supply of compassion.

There are times our hearts feel a dagger of pain. The wound appears deep and unbending. We walk like zombies without exposing ourselves or drowning in suffering. 

In these moments Inner Mom dons her super heroine cape and suit. She stands before us. She takes a good look at the hurt. Instead of walking away, she envelops us into wide open arms. Slowly we soften and release the pain. With her by our side we recover and heal. We can now step back into the world with a sense of peace. 

Inner Mom tells the truth – whether we accept it or not.  

Telling big or not so big stories is not an option in Her presence. She upholds truth like a 24/7 neon sign designed to keep us on our path. 

Fantasies and illusions easily creep up to distract us for a spell. When the spell fades we feel empty, blinded and lost. Shaking loose from this void can be tricky and sticky.

Looking up instead of down can make all the difference. As we crank our heads to glimpse at the horizon we see inner mom waving at us. Like a long lost friend she excitedly runs towards us with a beacon in her hands. When we look closely we notice she carries the sign of truth and holds much-needed space to restore our vision towards home.

Inner mom teaches how to be the best version of ourselves.

Inner mom’s steadfast love empowers our spirit. She freely shares her light to ensure we shine in all directions. Acts of service gives inner mom so much joy. Without hesitation she takes on confusion, restlessness and fatigue. She gets us out of our egos and back into our genuine selves.

Inner mom wants us to feed our spirit.

When we don’t feel good we wish our moms were there to hug us and make chicken soup. Moms shrug off the fear of being sick. Instead they roll up their sleeves and dig in. Their immune system is resilient because it’s built on love and their focus turns to our wellbeing.

She uses the same tools when we feel like we lack an appetite for life.  She instinctively dishes heaps of patience, kindness and laughter onto our plates.

Our initial nibbles taste like mud because our senses are dull and compromised. Then the food of love transforms our bellies. Bite after bite, we can’t get enough of the delicious options at our fingertips. We return to the buffet of life with anticipation and excitement.  

On Mother’s Day, take time to celebrate your Inner Mother. Bless her for being your biggest source of love, joy, truth, compassion and nurturing. 

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