Celebrations Big and Tall, We Love Them All

Traditionally, June heralds a time of graduations, weddings, showers and parties. We set a date, plan a menu and send invitations. And then the big moment is here. On the day of the event, we awaken with bright eyes and big smiles. Our hearts swell with wonder and hope. When the day is over, we remember the happy dream passing by so quickly in time.

“How do you remember your departed loved ones at celebrations? Can you take them with you somehow?

Ah yes, celebration time is here. Celebrations are an important way for us to bond, laugh and play. We take great effort in preserving them through photos, videos and reflection. These shared snapshots symbolize a golden thread weaving hearts and hands. 

Celebrations appear to be a mix of happy and bittersweet times in our hearts when we miss the presence of our deceased loved ones. Somehow they feel even farther away from us at these times. We crave connection to them and want them to be a part of this magical experience.

How do you remember your departed loved ones at celebrations? Can you take them with you somehow? Here are three ways to welcome them into the festivities and lift the heart.

1.  Make a pretend phone call. Talk to your beloveds out loud about the celebration. Share the date and time. Ask them to show up and wear their favorite clothes. Let them know they are wanted. At the end of the day, thank your beloveds for being there.

2.  Be silent and pray. Close your eyes and imagine your beloveds in the center of a celebration circle. Open your eyes and read the same prayer/reading at each gathering.

3.  Sing a song. Play a beloved’s favorite song or sing it out loud during the gathering. Songs wonderfully open the heart and revive our spirits. 

May you find great joy in all of your summer celebrations Let the countdowns begin! May the energy of happiness fill you in big ways.

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