Clear Away Your Winter Blues

Natures’s seasons represent designated time periods and possess specific energies to nudge us in a new direction. Winter solstice begins December 21 and runs until March 20th the following year. To kick off the season, we celebrate the holidays, say goodbye to yesterday and countdown the hours until we step into the new year. Once we get over the idea of resolution and goals, January seems like a long month. Even February and early March pile on the feeling of grind and offer less bounce than other times of the year.

Winter means a natural slowing down and turning away from busyness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes the importance of using the seasons as a means of living in harmony with the environment. According to this philosophy, winter means a natural slowing down of activities and commitments. It’s a perfect opportunity to pause and explore underlying emotions and behaviors. 

Tend to your inner self this winter and clear away distractions with this guided meditation.

Winter Clearing Meditation

Clearing what is cold and frozen. Take a moment to turn on your imagination. Pretend you are holding a magnifying glass. With this glass you are able to look under the surface of your thoughts and into your ER or “Energy Room.”

In the ER you sense various temperatures and sizes of objects scattered throughout the space. You walk towards the corner with the most stuff lying around. It is really cold there and you notice a group of frozen solid objects. Curious, you take the magnifying glass for a closer peak. When you touch each item a message illuminates from it such as:

“Stop acting that way. You know better.”
“You’re ugly and fat. Nobody wants you.”
“Why am I so broken and lonely?”

Your hands are cold and numb from touching so many frigid objects. Each message forms into patterns and issues running in and out of your life. Somehow you are clear how your thoughts and behaviors contributed to creating these solid shapes.

Instead of walking away from this painful place you wonder how to melt down the shapes and remove the patterns and issues. You decide to ask your heart for help. Your heart starts to fill up with love and this energy travels into your hands. You glance at your hands and they are glowing and warm.

Lay your hands on a small object and watch it thaw to the ground. A few tears roll down your cheeks. The feelings of relief and freedom pour into your heart and old  messages fade away. With patience and excitement you move to more shapes and become overjoyed when they dissolve into nothing.

It’s time to celebrate your efforts. Today you make some headway in clearing out the cold corner. Since you don’t want to accumulate more stuff here anymore, commit to keep the space neat and tidy and free of unkind messages.

Before you exit the room, lay your hands on your precious heart and thank it for providing the perfect solution for clearing inner clutter.

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