Clearing and Cleansing Your Energy this Fall: 4 Steps

The Sacred Season of Fall

A change of seasons spurs transformation – to step into a new form of being.

As we fall into Fall, it’s timely to inventory our inner resources. Nature sheds her Summer coat, invigorating us for another round of metamorphoses. We begin to crave renewal – yet recognize a slower rhythm is calling us forward.

While Summer offers brightness, sharp focus and a constant flow of fuel, Fall directs us inward in search of softer surroundings. A combination of shorter days, stiffer winds and growing stillness opens the path to contemplation and taking comfort in silence. How does our energy tank fill up in Fall? Fall fuel comes from the clearing and cleansing of energy – not adding and accumulating more of it.

Imagine this…you are seated under a gorgeous oak tree. A few acorns drop on your head, plop plop. Bright and crumpled orange, green and yellow leaves scatter under your feet. The air smells crisp and smoky. A squirrel teeters precariously on a broken branch. All your senses are engaged. You naturally relax and breathe effortlessly. Fall’s energy courses through your body and senses. How effortless to sit in silence with this deeply rooted tree. It’s time to let go of stress and worldly distractions.

In this state of comfort, your mind drifts to the question of how to clear and cleanse your used & tired energy. The tree picks up your signal. Your majestic friend shares four lessons it has gathered over many years. With an open mind and a willing heart you listen to the wise old tree:

“No longer fed by long summer sunrays, we are left to contend with chill, blowing winds and dwindling light. Chlorophyll production is declining, and completely stops in the winter. Dead leaves fall to the earth to supply my roots and surrounding neighbors with much-needed nutrients.

— Tree

1. Harmonize with the elements.

Trees accept all the support they can get from the elements in order to prepare for winter. Earth’s energy preps the roots to keep up with cooler temperatures. Wind fills in the lungs and branches. Water travels into the tree and stores itself inland around the cells so that they may tolerate colder temps. The sun’s fiery glow allows the leave’s original colors to shine.

Inspired by our tree friends, it is instructive to spend time with our inner guidance.

Which elements do we need to prepare for change?

What ideas feed our roots?

In what ways can we use breath to remain flexible despite fierce winds?

Is it time to wash away debris from our monkey mind?

Can we shed light to the parts of ourselves in need of release to gain more energy?

2. Seek clarity beyond the clutter.

When trees shed withered debris, they must do it to conserve energy. With a focus on longevity, trees accept the intelligence of paring down to the essentials. They aren’t afraid of shedding what’s no longer necessary. No hoarding allowed! They literally “Let Go” to live.

Fall reveals insightful contrast to help us determine what is truly necessary. Trees teach us how curiosity and courage can sift and sort through our accumulated contents to determine which energies sustain not drain us. Inner guidance directs how to clear away the clutter.

Ask: Does this person/experience/thing:

  • Bring joy consistently into my life?
  • Promote my desire to thrive?
  • Protect me in times of struggle and fear?
  • Make me feel grateful and free?

3. Embrace flexibility.

Trees can’t run in the face of storms. They bend and sway in tandem with the temperamental climate. Trees teach us to rely on their remarkable powers of resilience to ensure survival over danger and destruction.

We possess a love-hate relationship with our routines. While we plan escapes from them, it’s not long before the absence of routine creates feelings of restlessness. Routines masquerade as anchors to keep us tethered. But in the face of calamity our routines may do a complete flip-flop.

We need to remind ourselves to stay connected to the Divine vs. ego.

  • Am I tuned into my spiritual compass?
  • How often do I seek personal growth and inspiration?
  • Am I willing to adjust myself or do I allow drama to take over?

4. Know the power of rest.

Trees don’t have lamps to keep them up late at night to work overtime. They have no phone or computer to distract them from Dream time. When the dark blanket of night covers up the trees their branches droop down. Trees trust their surroundings and the flow of the universe.

Clearing away nightly distractions shifts our minds into restful states. Sleep and naps settles us down and releases chaotic energies. Productivity and creativity are compromised when the energy of the mental or emotional bodies are worked up. As long as our mind can keep spinning stories and stress, it is easy to feed obsessive thinking or stoke already heightened emotions. Sleeping allows the mind and emotions to drop into a peaceful, calming space.

  • Do I need to purge clinging memories out of the bedroom?
  • What gets in the way of rest? How can I clear that block?
  • Does my bedroom signal downtime or screen time?
  • Do I trust the Divine has my back?

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