Cut the Cord and Just Breathe

Since birth, we’ve “stored” every life experience, positive or negative, in our bodies, minds and spirits.

As such, we are constantly creating energetic file folders that help us process and organize our stories. These folders also contain energetic imprints of our belief systems and emotional patterns.  

As we mature and evolve, the dust starts to accumulate on the folders.

It is my belief that the outdated content of these folders (cords) look like sticky notes with strong glue. These cords in our system may block us from seeing our potential and relationships with clarity.

If I asked you questions about an unpleasant or painful experience, you will likely use the same words, energy and feelings as you did many times before. This familiar recording (cord) allows your thoughts and feelings to go on auto pilot and more dust to grow and settle onto your folders.   

How do we know it’ time for a spiritual clearing?

Angel winged
  1. For some reason, our ability to move forward in our lives is slow and sluggish.
  2. We feel helpless and stuck.
  3. We don’t know how to describe this lack of balance and confusing state of being to others.
  4. We may experience a series of mental, emotional or physical breakdowns with no clear end in sight… or so you think.

Then one day, you hear a quiet and gentle voice inviting you dump the old folders, engage your divine compass and move forward with peace. You feel hopeful and ready to shred the sticky notes and find freedom from the dust bunnies.

Finally, you find the courage to ask the question: “How do I remove these cords? Can anyone help me?”

Guess who shows up for you to answer the question? One particular Angel, actually the CEO of cord-cutting, is Archangel Michael. Armed with his sword of truth, Archangel Michael’s mission is to push clutter out of our systems and fill any gaps with divine love and light.

This fall, I found myself at the chiropractor’s office for neck relief. As her skillful hands set bones back into place, I started to ask Archangel Michael if there was a cord present in this space. Yes indeed, was the answer.

Archangel Michael showed me two cords that were ready for release. In my imagination, I visualized the cords and saw them break free from my body. Afterwards, I felt lighter and less cranky in my neck. Thank you Archangel Michael and your Clearing Team!

Clearing help is here!

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