Cutting the Covid Cord

Cheryl’s Struggle

Cheryl tries to enjoy Summer with her partner and two kids. Cooped up for months in the house as a family, it is time to go out for fun. Although they never run out of activity ideas, this year is different. When the kids suggest trips and amusement parks, Cheryl crunches her face. The risk of exposure in crowded venues doesn’t sound inviting. She often squashes her family’s hopes for playtime and socializing

Cheryl works from home since Covid-19. She loves her job and her co-workers. They feel like family and have been by her side since she lost her mom a few years ago. After years of dead-end jobs and toxic people, Cheryl has settled into her dream job and receives top achievement awards.

Although her employer has tried to keep all staff on board, it appears layoffs are imminent because of record-low revenue. The company is unable to forecast when or how it will recover from losses.

When Cheryl attends online meetings, she notices her boss appears down and out. He can barely get through a staff meeting without dropping an off-hand comment about the threat of a total company shutdown. After meetings, Cheryl can’t shake off her boss’ anxiety and dour face. She feels guilty worrying and even chastises herself for neglecting to embark on a fresh job search.

Is it time to cut cords?

Managing multiple daily roles as Mother/Partner/Worker is a juggling act. COVID-19 leaves Cheryl’s mind in an endless loop of sadness, worry, and anger. Distractions have taken over her thoughts. Her emotions jump all over the place. One day she is steady. The next day she screams at others without reason. Her partner and kids are concerned.

Mornings are rough for Cheryl. She doesn’t want to get out of bed and contemplate another day with COVID-19. She curses the pandemic and its impact on her life. By mid-day, Cheryl sits down and checks out. She has no energy. Her sleep schedule is erratic because her mind refuses to shut down.

Deep into the night Cheryl often retreats to her computer, seeking escape from struggles. She wants to return to her former self, the silly goof-off with her partner and kids. She doesn’t want more of feeling heavy, stuck, and defeated by COVID-19. She reads about spiritual cord-cutting and realizes it’s time to let go of her emotional attachment to the pandemic.CORD CUTTING

What are energy cords?

Energy cords – attachments – occur when we are preoccupied with something or someone outside of ourselves. We create cords when unhealthy perceptions of a relationship or event block us from seeing a solution. Accumulation of lost energy leaves us in a strange place where we can’t rationally explain why we feel entrapped.

We feel torn in different directions and unable to track down our spiritual compass. By forgetting the truth of who we are, Peace, Love, and Joy, we collect cords which result in illusion and disillusion.

Cheryl’s story illustrates how she accumulates negative energy:

  • Saying no to playtime out of fear and excess precaution
  • Taking on her bosses’ stories
  • Feeling crushed from the pandemic’s threat
  • Placing blame on COVID-19 for shattering her familiar world

Does Cheryl have positive energy cords? Yes! Despite bouts of doubts and negativity, healthy cords flourish when we are in Peace, Love, and Joy. When in a lighter state, Cheryl experiences her cords which generate good vibes:

  • Peace in the world
  • Love for her partner, kids, co-workers
  • Joy in her work

How to cut cords?

After investigating cord-cutting articles, Cheryl foregoes the idea of doing it by herself and seeks professional help. Why seek outside help? She prefers to:

  1. Work with someone who understands the concept and procedures to properly cut cords.
  2. Learn more about energy work and how to expand it.
  3. Reclaim her spiritual compass and tap into her intuition more than her thinking mind.

Cheryl is nervous about her first cord-cutting appointment. Her ever-present logical self sparks a series of questions:

  1. What if this cord-cutting business a big joke?
  2. What if a professional doesn’t abolish all of my unhealthy cords?
  3. How to know if cord-cutting is legitimate and works?

Within minutes of meeting the professional, Cheryl feels reassured. Cheryl discusses her random floating thoughts and receives these answers:

Cord-cutting is legitimate.

When the car is clogged with dirty oil, we take it for a checkup. The technician clears away the dirty oil and replaces it with new grease. The same idea applies here. When energy is trapped and has nowhere to go, it accumulates and backs up your inner engine, preventing us from dreaming and connecting to gratitude.

With a willing mind and open heart, we engage energy from a positive direction. Cord-cutting is effective when we imagine the removal of unwanted energies and infuse ourselves with uplifting messages such as clarity, understanding, and compassion.

The benefits of cord-cutting are experienced in many ways.

  • A shift toward positive perspective vs. limitations
  • Feeling that you’ll be okay vs. hopeless
  • A burden lifted vs. stuck
  • More space for acceptance vs. closed mind
  • Emotional balance vs. reactivity

For homework, Cheryl writes a letter to COVID-19:

“Hello COVID,

For a long while, you robbed me of feeling stable. I miss being around people without feeling fear. I miss going to the grocery store free of wearing an uncomfortable mask and gloves. I miss my friends and co-workers. I miss planning getaways with my partner and kids.

You cannot take away my belief that you will go away. I refuse to be hostage to you. I refuse to be bothered by the ways you appear to limit me.

I now choose to create good energy for myself and the planet. I declare that my life is looking up because I stand for love. I want to remind others they are not alone. I want to help others abolish the negativity around this widespread challenge. Together we shall all overcome.

Cheryl’s Comeback

Gradually Cheryl’s cord-cutting sessions filter into her home and work relationships. Instead of agonizing over online meetings and carrying the stress of her boss, she imagines good things for him and the company. Once a week Cheryl sends funny images and quotes to her co-workers to lift their spirits.

At home, Cheryl brainstorms a list of things the family can do during the pandemic. This empowers her and everyone else with safe and healthy choices.

Mornings are making a happy comeback as Cheryl wakes up with a smile. After a good night’s rest, she wakes up grateful and happy to be alive. She looks forward to generating positivity for herself and others.

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