Disappearing for a While

Clients too often arrive tired, overwhelmed and close to shutting down. A common theme in their conversations is the wish to get off the grid and disappear from the drama. Here’s a typical client scenario:

Angie manages her household, cares for her two kids and helps her aging parents. Most days Angie appears to juggle it all with confidence and mastery. Other times these commitments intensify in some way, and Angie has to ramp up her game. At these times she shuns rest, doesn’t take care of herself or attempt to establish inner calm until she feels everything has “returned to normal.” This time, however, Angie senses something bigger is stirring inside her and her meaning for normal may be changing. Her biggest fear right now is losing control.

“Clients too often arrive tired, overwhelmed and close to shutting down. A common theme in their conversations is the wish to get off the grid and disappear from the drama. 

Angie comes to see you as her coach for support and ideas. She tells you she feels like disappearing for a while, and longs to tune out the constant noise all around her. Is it possible for Angie to drop out of life and her demanding relationships?, she asks. How would you advise her on next steps?

Listen with love. Give Angie the space to be heard and express her emotions and  needs in a quiet and neutral space. Angie is tired of being in control. How can she make other choices that keep her strong and energized? Choices open doors to the mind and heart so new perspectives arise.

Rally local resources. It may be time to seek outside help for her parents. Angie could talk to other parents for carpooling, babysitting and even cooking swaps. Opportunities exist to build community, socialize and even schedule alone time. 

Encourage growth. Check Angie’s pulse and identify what and who makes her feel alive and joyful. Conversely it is important to see what and who seem to drain us and cause ongoing suffering. Passions and people have a shelf life. It is natural and part of the growth process to shed expired activities and certain people to allow a new normal to take shape. 

Focus on now. Angie has a lot of balls in the air. Without focus she is running around with no sense of purpose and no breathing room. Teach Angie to use focus as her compass. As she realigns her needs with the needs of others she will gain the courage and momentum to restore bliss in daily living.

Are you like Angie these days? Coaching would help you stay true to your new path and have fun getting there!

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