Do you feel safe in today’s world?

Have you noticed a growing trend of people who are exercising their voices? Every day I hear comments from friends and strangers who freely share fears, opinions and cynicism about recent political happenings. Instead of passively accepting the proclamations and rants spoken by political figures, they openly take a stand against the new world order. Some have marched on streets while others have posted ideas on social media.  

“I anchor myself in truth to help me feel safe, stable and strong in the world.

Let me tell you, it took a while for me to figure out an outlook that made sense. Nodding in silent agreement became increasingly uncomfortable. Listening to the TV or reading the news wore me out. My opinions and behaviors shifted from bullying (attacker) to rescuing (savior) or helpless (victim). At some point, I realized my ego lurked about my inner space too often. Now was time to turn to my spiritual beliefs for a richer perspective. Here’s what I believe:

  • I believe in non-judgment and peace. 
  • I believe love is powerful and healing.

With increased awareness I remind myself that when exposed to a new political twist, I immediately return to and anchor myself in truth. This is how I feel safe, stable and strong in the world. As you well know the world is full of constant distractions. It is so easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. Find your place of truth by asking yourself: What beliefs guide my life, thoughts and choices? Then share your time, efforts and resources from this place of truth. Be willing to live from a place of higher understanding. Trust in the process.

Use these words to clear away distress and negative triggers:

When I feel threatened by a loss of freedom I am in a place of fear.
I choose freedom now. 
When I feel unsafe, I am projecting that something/someone could potentially hurt me.
I choose to create safe spaces for others and myself.
When I see/hear unkind and harsh words spoken about a person, group or country, I refuse to return the attack.
I send love and offer the energy of acceptance.
I bless politicians and others who believe the world is a place of torture, conflict and suffering. 
I send peace to all beings.
May all find a way to express their light and love. 
May all beings join together in a spirit of peace, love and joy.

Do you need support with moving past old beliefs and creating new ones? Reach out and let me help!

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