Dreaming in Uncertain Times

It’s time to get out of our heads!

A global theme emerges from the pandemic. We cannot continue to rely on practicality to get through the day. Our mental side loves to contribute and dominate activities, but our thinking head holds only a part of us. Dreams subtly reveal a deeper calling out of logic towards a push into imagination. Creativity and flow possess the vital integrity and strength to direct us safely through major change.

Dreams are like seeds containing our personal truth. Seeds are planted in the dirt. Some blow swirling in the wind. Some drift aimlessly in the water. Regardless of location, all seeds – like dreams – possess similar characteristics. They settle into fertile ground in search of growth, moisture, air, silence and stillness.

Not interested in structure and habit, dreams beckon us to enhanced versions of ourselves. At the juncture where seeds tire of disguise, a quiet and unassuming dream arouses the seeds and shakes their coverings. The seeds consciously surrender their existing form and rest in the gap beholding transformation.

“Joyfully expose yourself to the world. Transform. Be supported by the Force that led you here. Allow any dream to move you forward and into your next reality. Touch the hand of the Infinite and realize you and the dream are one. Arrive and blossom into your full glory. Appreciate what is newly fulfilled.”

The call to dream is not awkward or imposing. Deep inside we know dreams lie dormant until we give them fire and air to birth their way into reality. Dreams are a gateway toward wholeness and away from the illusion of certainty. Because of uncertainty, dreams hold the power to orient us to the truth of who we are.

“When seeds [dreams] want to rise they drop everything 
that is weighing them down.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

What’s the difference between dream and fantasy?

Unlike seeds that plant and bloom from a place of creativity, fantasies are born from fear. Fantasy replaces dreaming. In a fantasy world there is a subject (you) traveling to a familiar meeting place (same old, same old) with the familiar objects (others). The agenda never waivers and neither does the outcome. The feeling is not of joy.

The feeling is of loneliness and sorrow. The longing to be something else dissolves into nothingness. The field of opportunities are veiled by an impenetrable fog meant to keep us enslaved to the ego. Seeing the other side (where dreams come alive) without the means of accessing it (thick fog) reveals turmoil and discomfort. The heart acquires a new wound. Fantasy freezes creative reasoning at the time our hearts need it most.

Yes, we acknowledge our pain. Yet the pain does not hurt enough to shift us out of fantasy. The insidious detour lingers and waits for a vulnerable moment to play the fantasy loop. Once again we drink the fantasy potion and relapse into our familiar altered state. Once again we delay the dream waiting to be born

The pandemic fantasy of returning “to normal” leads nowhere. The fantasy of pretending the virus hasn’t happened does not lead to creative healing solutions.

Gathering dreams, what does it take?

Brett works long hours as a paramedic. Practicing yoga, his favorite outlet, is off limits for the foreseeable future. The virus outbreak puts him on edge and on high-alert of how to deal with the next summoning phone call.

Brett anxiously anticipates the next house, strangers in need and new story of suffering. Something inside questions how much longer he can proceed in this stressful job.

Brett has always dreamed of teaching yoga. “Will I ever get the chance to be in a studio and teach the joy of yoga? Will I ever push students to their limits and inspire heart-centered living? Will I ever be the teacher who encourages the next greatest yoga teacher?”TAP INTO YOUR DREAMS

The dream shakes and stirs

Anchoring the dream with intention (seed) is the fertile ground which fuels Brett’s dream into reality. Loose talk and passing thoughts (fantasy) only delays proper fueling of the dream.

Although he cannot practice in a yoga studio now, Brett settles into his dream in the space of his imagination. For a few moments, Brett closes his eyes and stands next to his students. He paces his words so they land in their hearts. He assists them during poses. Brett passionately speaks words of empowerment. One student, Regina, did her first headstand today. Victory!

The covers shake loose

Every day Brett practices his dream scenes. His excitement builds as he begins an online search for coaching positions. He circles a date on the calendar and calls it “On the Mat with Paul.” This is the day Brett intends to secure full/part time work as a yoga teacher or teacher’s assistant.

Surrender and rest in the gap

Brett shares with friends and family his dream and timeline. People offer words of encouragement and promises to keep an eye out for opportunities. During limited downtime, Brett practices yoga in the basement. He watches videos of seasoned yoga teachers. He also discovers an online group of yoga enthusiasts and tunes in.


Brett recognizes there will be an upcoming tipping point and he feels certain his dream will manifest. He releases pressure from the dream to avoid falling into a negative fantasy that it won’t happen or will be sabotaged.

Whenever the fear of the virus shows up, Paul sits down and creates another yoga scenario. Brett longs to share his winning strategy with students who hunger for his confidence and insight to fuel them to be true yogis.

For Brett the risk of dreaming far outweighs any of the low points he experiences during the pandemic. Each day the possibility of teaching draws closer and closer to him. Transformation is already happening for Brett. The realized yoga dream will be a natural outcome and reward for his willingness to dream big and not give up.

Dedicated to Cleveland Yoga’s Founder, Tami Schneider and the Cleveland Yoga YTTs, Class of 2020

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