Employee Engagement 101: Back to Basics

According to a Gallup 2016 survey on the American workforce, only one of three employees feels engaged at work. The remaining two thirds lack skills for advancement, look for better jobs, or simply give up and leave the workforce. Is it any wonder an industry of stress management and wellness programs flourish to help us focus and engage? 

Numbers like this come at a high cost. Disengaged employees lose literally billions of dollars (up to $600 billion a year !!!) How can employers better capture and encourage full participation of many of their staff who have lost the desire to succeed?

“Acknowledging the humanity in another builds trust, loyalty and respect.

1. Get personal. Satisfied employees know their manager believes in them and encourages their contributions. Too many people report to work without the necessary guidance and support to help them to excel and maximize their talents. 

Managers have an obligation to set the stage for excellence and creativity. Connect to your team from a position of caring rather than authority. Recognize that acknowledging the humanity in another builds trust, loyalty and respect. These basic ideals set the foundation for getting the personal best from others. 

2. Offer rewards and incentives. Acknowledge and celebrate excellence. When people feel valued they desire to contribute to their community.

Incentives offer job-security and peace of mind. Practically speaking, this means a flexible work schedule, paid leave, health insurance and retirement. Some extremely flexible companies offer an open policyto job shifting. If an employee gets bored with his job, he has the opportunity to fine-tune, change it around, or create a new one. 

After studying this topic, I am reminded that kindness, gratitude and presence remain cornerstones of all relationships, including those in the workplace. Productivity, inclusiveness and profits proceed from mankind’s highest virtues. Yes it is time to return to the basics and reap the rewards of being part of this beautiful world.

Rita loves to talk about the countless ways we can take care of each other as people and colleagues. Check out her topics!

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