Finding Trust in Strange Times

Today’s Version of Trust

The concept of trust in modern times represents a primary component of healthy connections among people, nature and animals. A trusting relationship offers a safe and loving space for people to express themselves to each other. Trust encourages us to show up for ourselves and each other with respect and authenticity.

Larry struggles with trust. He is constantly watching his back for someone to take advantage of him. He predicts betrayal in his work and personal relationships. The fear and anticipation of pain keep the trust issues alive, giving them newfound importance.

What Larry doesn’t realize is that trust issues inevitably turn into self-sabotage. He constantly guards his heart, thinking this is the only way to prevent hurt from showing up. When he doesn’t trust, he disconnects from people and misses out on chances to socialize and form lasting friendships, and intimate relationships.

Trust builds an energy of dependability and availability. Without trust the ground beneath feels unpredictable. The COVID-19 pandemic launches the planet into uncharted and unfamiliar territory. In these wobbly times we must look to our hearts, and call upon the resources of humanity and its global leaders to provide direction, clarity and hope.LEARNING TO TRUST

At the onset of COVID-19 Larry’s trust issues hit a new plateau. At first he doesn’t mind being alone since he prefers this arrangement. Yet he has a nagging tug in his heart that exposes his loneliness and struggle with trusting others. From this dark place, he heads to the computer to unleash his despair on others. Unfortunately starts to trust people who “befriend” him and take his money.

What happens when an event so foreign and unexpected shakes our earth at its seams? We become desperate and confused. We turn to anyone or anything that appears to make promises and offers answers. For too many of us, it appears saner to trust the noise than rely on silence for guidance.

Wounds of Forgetfulness

We forget what we are made of. We forget we can move through this pandemic and every other calamity which has touched Earth since the beginning of time. We forget to trust ourselves and locate our inner compass.

The combination of online betrayal, isolation and the pandemic’s unrelenting pace, Larry cannot take another day of turmoil and dismiss his pain. What would life look like if he trusted his mind and heart? Finally Larry is ready to expose his wound of distrust with a wellness coach.

At the first visit Larry questions everything Coach says to him. He waits a few weeks before calling Coach to schedule another session. Why does he call back? Because something inside him finally clicked and he trusts himself enough to do the work.

So far there is not a single person who has had a definitive and successful response to a mass treatment of COVID-19. We are, however, learning something important in this shared experience. Stories that illustrate acts of courage show us a way back to light. These stories and times of great patience show us we are greater than the pandemic. Shared stories and times of prayer bring us closer to our shared divinity.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.“ -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.“ -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Why Are We Here?

We are alive during this time for a reason. It is evidenced in the way we speak, behave and think. While some have approached this experience with compassion, kindness and love, others elect to use this pandemic platform to gain power, judge others and affirm the hopelessness of the state we seem to be in.

Learning to trust in these uncertain times is essential. Individual egos long for release and to be allowed to run wild along with our minds and hearts. Truth and trust easily become entangled with doubt, suspicion and fear.

Larry tries the first trust exercise by watching the news. Whenever he sees something that pushes his trust button he writes it down. In one day he wrote a list of 50 items that triggers him. Startled by the frequency of his emotional swings he sits down, closes his eyes and imagines how he will need to work with coach to confront his suspicions, fears and painful feelings around trust. Hopefully the tears he sheds right now is telling him the risk is worth the reward.

Elements of Trust

An open mind trusts that the divine is present even when we perceive abandonment, rejection and atonement for our wrongs. Might the pandemic serves as an opportunity for humanity to move forward, dismiss separation and return to Peace, Love and Joy? We arrive on Planet Earth with all of the equipment necessary to exist here, including spiritual wisdom. If we can create chaos and suffering we can also create harmony and ease.

An open heart trusts that love ends greed, selfishness and arrogance. What if the pandemic serves as an opportunity to unify heart resources with Peace, Love and Joy? The heart invites us to love our way into healing while extinguishing illusions. This leap of faith requires us to move beyond rational thinking and allow the heart’s immeasurable gifts: forgiveness, caring and bravery to lead the way.

Larry inches his way towards trusting himself and others. With the help of Coach he develops a series of steps allowing him to feel safe around himself. Friends notice the change in his disposition and begin to open up to him. This time Larry doesn’t shut them down or shut them up. He listens and responds from his heart.

We are called to trust. A trustworthy mind and heart never tire in their quest for awakening the world and bringing it to a place of higher awareness. Let us use our precious minds and hearts to reduce heartache and contribute to our shared appreciation of life and humanity.

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