Four Ways the Sun’s Eclipse is the Ultimate Spiritual-Clearing Tool

Millions gathered across our vast country to get a glimpse of the Great American Eclipse, “a rare and spectacular celestial event.” Scientists predict its effects will continue into next year. For those who so choose, this eclipse is just the kick-in-the-pants to help jumpstart fresh ideas. Perhaps you’ve been pondering speaking to an advisor like me who can help plant appropriate seeds to fertilize some blossoming in your life.

Eclipse old and tired negativity by launching your imagination. Explore this four-step exercise and clear away the dust. clearing tips. Capitalize on the eclipse’s energy to launch healing. Create a wiser version of yourself.

Complete this 4-step exercise to clear clutter and connect with your sacred self.

1. Open your imagination. Pretend you are opening a door and on the other side is a room full of light. As you adjust to your surroundings peak around for any objects or people. Do you see anything or anyone covered with dust or cobwebs? Smell anything? Can you hear what’s trapped? Draw a picture of your room and what’s inside. Circle the objects/people you want to release.

2. Wander and gather. Now take a slow stroll around the bright room and deliberately place objects/people who help you to grow. What words can you plant in the room that are key to reaching your dream? Gather and record this new information by drawing a new picture.

3. Connect to what is sacred. Return to your drawings after a month. Has anything changed in either drawing? Do you notice objects/people growing or shrinking in size? Which drawing makes you feel most comfortable, the one with clutter or the one with possibilities? Both drawings are important guides to show you what/who stands between you and your blooming sacred self.

4. Do the work. In the words of best-selling author Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, do your inner work with “head high, mind wise, heart open and spirit wild.” Use your room of light to access possibilities and to let go of what doesn’t work. Letting go is much easier than holding on to toxic feelings. The closure and clarity you need lies within. 

The energy of the eclipse demonstrates how to heal, create and become a wiser version of ourselves. Seize the energy of the eclipse. Imprint your mind with what it means to be open, clear and connected. Keep your intentions strong … and stay committed to finding the most illumined path to your dreams.

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