Four Ways to Rise Above the Surface

Did you ever have “one of those days”?

Imagine 30 days of meeting with family members, teachers, and colleagues to help all of us clear the air and return to softer relationship space. Sure, it’s stressful, anxiety-provoking and tiring. Yet the other side of these hard edges had given me the much-needed energy to return to an inner state of Peace, Love and Joy.

During this time period, I sensed energy had started to percolate from beneath and was pushing itself up to the surface. This energy felt like a deep and constant voice that demanded time for words, sound and closure. 

I wondered when the turbulent emotions would end. The following practices opened the way to calmness and clarity:

  1. Stay put. Instead of dreading each encounter, I actually looked forward to the conversations. I prepared questions and imagined how I would feel when speaking my peace. Despite others’ words and body language, I did my best to remain mentally and emotionally centered. I call this state of being “Intentional Flow.”
  2. Ask questions. A wise person said: “Never tell someone what you can ask them instead.” People tend to believe what they discover on their own. Instead of talking points, write down questions. It triggers the curious part of the brain and we are less prone to fast and harsh emotional answers.
  3. Move on. Once the meeting was over, I accepted it was really over. I instructed myself to proceed to the next item. If I felt the need for more reflection, I spoke with an objective friend or wrote in my journal.
  4. Value the experience. After the week was over, I felt hopeful and lifted out of the shadows. I realized I had now crossed a threshold where the surface above and below was in sync. Moving forward, I sent these individuals love and light to maintain a positive perspective on these moments.

Feeling the need to rise above the surface?


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