From the Stings of Struggle to a Strong Spirit

When going through hard times we make promises to avoid future heartache.  We say next time “I’ll approach things with an open heart, not ready fists.” Next time “I’ll be kinder to myself.”

“Humans have come to accept life as struggle. Instead, seek heroic landscapes of peace, love and joy. Write your script around these themes. 

Despite such promises, another story emerges and again we head straight into the boxing ring. Round after round of mental and emotional blows are exchanged. At the end of the match a referee announces no winner. Our thoughts and feelings are reeling from the stings of these blows. What happened to our vow of an open heart and kindness? 

Human beings have come to accept life as struggle. We can easily identify people  whose entire life story is to walk around as a victim of one terrible circumstance after another. They have trained themselves to feel put down, sick or lost. They have mastered tolerating both their unhealthy thoughts and unhealthy interactions. They accept this script – which they have written!!! – and they believe this is how life happens To Them versus For Them.

Client Marjorie has a long and rocky relationship with her past. A broken record of same old thoughts and feelings cycle through her mind. Marjorie invents new lyrics of similar chaos to keep listeners tuned in, but the stories are essentially a theme of loss and struggle.

Higher Truth: Change Your Thoughts/ Change Your Life.

Script yourself as the heroic protagonist rather than the downtrodden victim. Become your own hero. Seek heroic landscapes of peace, love and joy. Write your script around these themes. Ditch the depressing drum beats.

And when struggle and loss come knocking nonetheless, see them through the prism of how peace and love can unfold themselves in unexpected ways. Commit to seeing yourself and your circumstances with fresh eyes.

Inner growth happens in the mind. Imagination (IMAGE) resides in our mind’s inner sanctum. Picture yourself strengthening in spirit and your return to innocence and wholeness is that much more in view. To open yourself to strength try this clearing exercise.

Close your eyes. 
Image you and your struggle together in the boxing ring.
See yourself standing tall. Slowly expand and grow strong. Feel inside what you see.
A bright spotlight now shines down encircling only you. Feel its warmth.
Bit by bit image your opponent shrinking. At last they disappear.
Surrender to the scene you have created. Stay with it. Feel your feet firmly rooted.
You are now alone in the ring, standing tall and purposeful.
The light shines brighter and brighter. You are its only focus. Feel your True Self.
As you exit center right, watch yourself depart in full light and love. 
You are on a new path.  Stay with it. Don’t look back.

Is it time to feel strong again? Rita can show you how!

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