Heart Healthy Celebrations

So what if Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday? The event is one more opportunity to celebrate and share love! Pull out your big heart and give it a happy jolt.

Self love
We seek constant and consistent messages and actions that fills up our love meters. It is important to turn inward and find them. Try these fun ideas:

  • Look in the mirror and create a reflection of love on the other side.
  • Draw hearts on your hands and feet.
  • Sing or listen to a loving song dedicated to yourself.
  • Wear clothing with a heart on it.
  • Wake up to a sign every morning that says LOVE.

Relationship love
When was the last time you experienced big love? Pull out photos of these memories. As you look through the photos, smile and thank the person or animal who taught you love. Now bring this love into the present moment by closing your eyes and hugging this beautiful teacher. Allow your imagination to fill with love and then open your eyes.

Exchanging love creates more of it. Can you find a simple way to express your love? Write a loving note or quote for someone close to you. Schedule a love hour/day and fill it with fun activities. Do something you really love to do and let your heart grow.

Worldwide love
How do you express love for the world? Look at a world map and place your hands on it. Breathe in. As you breathe out, release love into the map through your hands. If you need music, listen to “One Love” by Bob Marley. The words are perfect for this experience. 

Believe your love changes the world. Believe your love heals all beings. Believe your love creates joy all around you. 

Do you have other ways of celebrating love? Send them to me and let’s spread the love!

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