Home Clearing: Easy as 1-2-3

The home is said to be a mirror of your inner self.

It is likely that, when your thoughts and emotions are disorganized and full of unwanted feelings, your living space appears the same.

Are you someone who avoids certain rooms because “there’s something you don’t want to touch or see for a while?” Did you start a house project 5 years ago that is still in progress?

If the door is shut in your living space, there is a block in your energy field. If the house project is still unfinished, there is work to be done in your life.

With that said, below are 3 ways to clear your home and let it shine from the inside out.

Clearing instruments:

  • 1 candle, preferably white 
  • 1 sage stick or loose sage leaves in an abalone shell (Here’s a great starter kit from Amazon) – or-
  • 1 spray bottle filled with holy water (go to a local church and fill it up your bottle for free)  
  1. Create a ritual and use a clearing instrument. Light your candle. With holy water/sage in hand, close your eyes and imagine the inside of your home. In your mind, move from room to room. How would you describe the vibe around you? Name it in one word. Then, think of a new word to freshen up the area. Some ideas: Love/Peace/Unity/Joy/Openness/ Light/Healing. Fill in every nook and cranny with this word and then surround the outside of the house with this word. Ask your Angels or any other Divine Beings in your life to help you with the clearing. They are happy to be there for you.
  2. Stand in front of the doorway to the room. With your holy water or sage burning, say these words or whatever words give you strength to complete the clearing. “I clear this space in the name of [FILL IN YOUR WORD].” Begin by spraying or burning the doorway from the floor and rise up and over to the other side of the doorway. Then, step into the room and face the doorway (opposite side) and repeat your blessing. When you are in the room, walk from one wall to the next using your clearing instrument. Don’t forget to clear corners where energetic dust bunnies collect!
  3. Walk to the outside of the house and clear it on all sides. Proceed with the same ritual with the garage – inside and out. If you sense that your yard and garden could use an extra boost, go ahead and clear them. 

When you’re done with the clearing, offer your appreciation for those Divine Beings who assisted you with it. The house will feel lighter. You will feel lighter. Your home will return to a space of love, comfort and joy. Blessings!

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