How An Intuitive Reading Changed Me

This year, I gifted myself a birthday reading with Gabriella. She is widely known for sharing gentle and loving guidance. Why would I consider a reading for my birthday? Birthday energy contains three major components:

Intuitive readings allow for fresh energy to flow in your life.
  1. The energy of wishes. Do you like to make wishes in the moment or ponder on them weeks before your birthday? Wishes are sparkles of energy entering our internal frequency. They tell our imagination to run wild and seek out a wavelength tying it to reality. When wishes come true we are surprised and rediscover the power of dreaming and the unlimited potential to manifest our heart’s desire.
  2. The energy of light. I just love looking at candles on a birthday cake. They flicker and dance to make the eyes glow with delight. We step into a dreamlike state when all of our birthdays appear before us. Our hearts lighten up at the crossing of this official threshold.
  3. The energy of celebration. Every year we recall the passing of birthdays and imagine what we were like at 5, 10, 16, 21 and so on. What has been your favorite birthday celebration so far? We reflect on how far we’ve come, cherish who is still with us and celebrate the promise of new beginnings.

With a spirit full of birthday wishes, light and celebration I had plenty of inner fuel to spice up the reading. I was ready and excited for these messages to shape a positive outlook for the next 365 days.

Back to the story.

Excited about Gabriella’s insights, I couldn’t wait to hear the guided words of wisdom from the Other Side. Read about trusting your intuition. A good reading usually contains these rich questions and messages:

How have you stayed on or strayed from your spiritual path? The frozen shoulder injury put a damper on my spirits. Gabriella encouraged me to buildup my joy muscles. It is time to shake loose of negativity and the past (retelling my injury story, complaining about my suffering, etc.) and return to the path of enjoying life and the present moment.

How are you moving forward? Gabriella often used the word “emergence” during the reading. Emergence, an action packed word meaning “It’s time to come out of your shell.” I had no idea my spirit had been hibernating and seeking fresh air. My energy had needed to reset itself and see the goodness in the world once more.

What is true for you right now? With Gabriella’s help, I realized it was time to re-awaken my inner wisdom. She had encouraged me to access the wisdom in my heart and connect with the truth. Gabriella had assured me that through my heart, I will find my way out of whatever difficulty I am facing.

What can I do to grow? A good reading usually includes homework. Gabriella assigned me the task of opening more of myself to others. She had invited me to share spontaneous smiles and hugs. She believed these acts of love will lead me to wisdom and joy while pushing fears aside.

Since the reading I have noticed my energy lifting in a brighter direction. It’s as if Gabriella’s loving words created an opening in my heart and a shift in my current surroundings. Seemingly long and drawn out scenarios were changing directions and moving off my radar. Don’t underestimate the influence of another to change the energy of your story and set you back on the path of flow.

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