How Can You Tell If You’re Intuitive?

Intuition is an inner knowing about a situation or a relationship. In our day-to-day conversations we hear comments like this:

“I don’t know how I got here. My mind was off.  I drove to the store on autopilot.” 
“I have this strange feeling about Joe. He is about to get into trouble.”
“When I heard the news about Sue I felt something grip my heart.”
“When I’m alone and it’s quiet, the image of a wolf appears.”

All human beings are born with intuitive abilities which stay with them until their last breath.

In order to plug into intuition, the imagination has to dominate the strategic mind. A mind which is constantly focusing on tasks and schedules offers little space for creativity. The mind gets hung up on peripheral details, such as getting through the day, clearing the desk and cleaning the house. This Webster definition of imagination is on-target for those with an intuitive mindset: “The faculty (ability) or action of forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not available to the senses.”

Stress and fatigue are major barriers to intuition. If we don’t take time each day to power up through movement, being outdoors or slowing down, intuition has nowhere to go. Its limited appearances will be perceived as weird or you’ll blow it off and think random stuff happening to you vs. appreciating incoming guidance.

Awareness of intuitive abilities usually begins within the stories of a dream, a prediction, or an unusual understanding reaching beyond the obvious. Most often an intuitive receives instant information when an answer to a question is unavailable through the predictable access provided by the five senses. What Kind of Psychic Are You?

Last week I lost my sunglasses. I was unsure how long they had been missing from the car. When I asked family members, none had a clue as to their whereabouts. I asked my intuition a series of questions and received persistent assurances they were in the house. After a few weeks I discovered my sunglasses packed in a backpack I use only for travel. Whew!

To the intuitive the line between inner direction and a scene occurring in front of them does not exist. Their perceiving lenses are like a TV set tuned in to channels of color, sound and movement which help to improve translating experiences. Listening for clues, experiencing regular “aha” moments, and noticing coincidences are significant contributors to an intuitive practice.

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