How Do You Find Yourself? Easy, Name that Tune!

As a kid, I loved the popular American TV game show “Name That Tune.” A well-known song played aloud over the airwaves for several seconds, while two contestants went head-to-head trying to be the first to correctly name the song’s title. As a devoted viewer, I tried hard to get the song’s correct name even before the contestants. I loved yelling at the TV with an answer and being part of the action.

Can you name your tune and win?

As I reflect back on this favorite show, I am hit with a flash of inspiration. As humans, we compose the rhythms of our lives, often as if on auto-pilot, sometimes outside our own awareness.  

Quick: Can you name “Your Tune” in 10 seconds or less? Or, are you tuned out? Here are three strategies for buzzing in with the winning answer.

1. Recognize your music.

Name the most frequent emotion or feelings arising in your heart in the last 24 hours? Were you able to figure it out in mere seconds – or did you need to repeat the question before an answer showed up? 

Tell me, what tune are you playing? Is it a love song, country music, classical guitar, hard rock, New Age or the Blues? Sing Your Song

When we are clear and plugged into our hearts, we can quickly figure out how to strengthen or adjust the beat. I immediately hear my inner voice tell me, “New Age,” which I interpret to mean I am heading for adventure. Tuning in further, my voice tells me the New Age is connected to growth in my career. I’m excited!

Listen with focus to the notes.

Write down the feeling you just heard. Is it a feeling that makes you sing or causes you to slow down?

When we’re alone, it is easier to pay attention to whether or not we’re out of sync. Silence gives our mouths a break. Silence allows our ears a chance to hear what our heart is saying. These days I’m being told “openness.” It’s a challenge to look at my schedule and identify any natural flow. All I see are days filled with commitments, and I wonder if I will have enough fuel to get me to the end of the year. Yet, when I stay focused on being open, the temptation to feel overwhelmed settles down.

Buzz in!

Which emotion buzzes first into your heart … fear or love? 

Fear can make or break your chances of claiming your heart as your own. When we’re afraid of our feelings, we may surrender them over to others. Soon, our heart feels empty and lost. Remind yourself: It’s okay to love myself and be in charge of my heart. I now choose love. To hear our inner voice acknowledge love comforts us.

The past few weeks have been emotionally demanding with loss and family flareups. The opportunity to express tenderness, compassion and forgiveness expands my heart. These are new tools designed for practice and sharing with others. 

And the winner is…You! Pay attention. Buzz in with confidence. Commit to the practice of inner awareness. In this way your heart will find it’s winning groove, and you’ll learn that the music your soul composes is intended to guide vs. accompany you throughout your life.

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