How to Clear the Past

User Alert: Outdated Operating Systems Corrupt

Update and Simplify TODAY!

Running your system with outdated files overload the system. We know this, right?

So why does your file cabinet “The Past” overflow with people and stories from former times and places? “The Past” file holds two major components – the Good and the Not So Good, i.e., the Bad. The Good is worth saving and savoring. The Bad is no longer useful, and is actually harmful until it is acknowledged, digested, and updated. Update this portion of your “Past” file with an expanded narrative informed by a deeper perspective of its purpose to enhance your life.

We are today increasingly aware that our soul longs for happiness and joy. Happiness, Peace and Joy trump drama and distress. Are you living the difference? or do you choose to put off for tomorrow – (meaning endless months, perhaps years and decades) – the decision to finally let go of negative self-talk files which no longer serve.

“If you’re serious about creating a new future, then you better be engaged in the process of creating a vision of the future, because if you’re not, then that just means you’re more in love with your past than you are with your future. It’s that simple.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Stashed along with outdated files stored in our bodies are the corresponding emotional and physical imprints which corroborate the “evidence” of our victimhood we’ve been piling up since birth or childhood. Indeed the past circulates in and around our whole self. Each of us is literally walking around with old files which haven’t been cleaned and organized for years!

Stashing files = auto pilot mode

Living on auto-pilot mode is standard default. We get up at the same time and run through a similar set of activities. The day flies by without drama. It seems as though past and present do not intersect. That is, until crisis or heightened Alert of one of our senses pings our memory bank.

With that ping, our senses automatically signal us to open “The Past” file. Instantly our mind, body and emotions retrieve one or more files. Memory acts to recall our judgments about Our Story, and how it is categorized in the slumbering file. Our bodies get a twinge in the heart or the stomach feels unsettled. Our emotions ricochet between confusion and clarity.

The Impact of Crisis

When we encounter a crisis, what happens to the outdated and over-stuffed cabinet? It shatters and scatters the dormant files. Aside from picking up the loose files, we have to drive to the nearest shopping plaza to buy a bigger file cabinet. After all we need more room to stuff the new crisis (and future crises) into it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says there is a way to know if we are past-programmed or present-focused.

If life is not working, there’s a strong possibility we are feeling emotions similar to the past. The brain naturally recalls the strongest past events which created those emotions. We are now tempted to talk about or romanticize the events equal to those particular emotions. People only go back to their past, analyze it, and feel those old emotions when life isn’t working. When life works, we don’t have an issue with the past because we’re not stuck in that emotional cycle.

Making A Different Choice

What is a consequence of choosing the past to dictate our present? Answer: A life dictated by who we once were, not who we are today. It is a mind wired to believe in outdated, non-productive thinking. It is a body set up to have physical experiences based out of learned and lived patterns of illness vs. healing. It is a set of emotions conditioned to respond to a fractured mind/ body relationship.

To recap, our minds, bodies and emotions have been conditioned to use the past as an automatic (unreasoned) springboard to interpret present experiences. Without choosing to become aware, this pattern continues throughout a lifetime. Automatic pilot is running the show running on worn-out systems. Your Divine Self recognizes there is a better way.

How does this sound? It may take a minute to wrap your head around the idea, but your intuitive Divine self knows the way to Truth.

Imagining A New Way

At this point we may be asking: “Does this file-making business goes on and on until we die?” Yes and no. It depends on if we choose auto-pilot and old programming or freedom and awakening. How do you know if you are living in the past or present? A simple daily check-in is useful. How often are you:

  • Lost in your head?
  • Experiencing body pain?
  • Stuck in emotions?
  • Struggling more than believing?

If you are lost, in pain, stuck and struggling – then your past persona is leading. Time for new leadership? Time to clear the past and begin living in present time?

We can choose a simple path which doesn’t require any files at all. It allows the cabinet to shut down all together. It is the clearing practice of Peace, Love and Joy. The Good News is we can engage the mind, body and emotions to reverse the old, worn-out pattern!

Exercise to clear the past

“Say to yourself out loud:
“I am ready to live in the present. I am ready to live in the here and now. I am ready to walk away from negative self-talk.”

Think of your mind as a circuit board with wires. Ask your mind if you can come in to do some clean up work. (Usually the answer is yes!)

Fill your wires with white light. Stay for as long as you can in your mind until every wire contains the bright light. Say thank you to your mind.

Imagine your body in front of you. What can you offer it right now – Peace, Love or Joy?
Put this gift in your hands and send it to your body.
Watch your offering move in and around the body.
Merge with your imaginary body and notice what happens.
Say thank you to your body.

On paper, write down a list of negative emotions and feelings you experience most each day. These are your old and corrupt files. (Note: You may feel heavy.)
Visualize a big trash bag and open it wide.
One by one discard these emotions and feelings in the trash bag.
Put your hands on your heart and energetically open it up.

Give your heart permission to experience Peace, Love and Joy.

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