How To Heal Yourself

Healing, like medicine, has no single definition.  Scientists measure it in myriad ways. I believe healing has three dimensions: body, mind and spirit. The body encounters sickness over the course of a lifetime, ranging from common colds to chronic illnesses. Some types last hours and others years. The journey to healing may involve internet searches and interventions and professionals. Most of the time we rely on rational answers. 

Our intuitive selves play a minor part in collecting information. Physical healing involves a short-lived period of gratitude at the marvel of our capacity to recover and return to a new normal.

To understand the healing of the mind, we need to be open to the complexities that show up.  First, emotions flood us with information which requires us to sort out fact from illusion. Next, we need to decipher if the reasonable part of us is speaking loud enough to guide our way or if the irrational part is sabotaging our efforts. Third, we look at our behavior for clues to figure out how the mind directs our actions and interactions with others. We seek out professionals and medicine to push past the shadows, guilt and persistent fears plaguing our thoughts. 

Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. - Sai Baba

Our intuitive selves may feel as non-existent as our voice. At times we get overwhelmed and lost by over-analyzing scenarios and details. At best, mind healing may not include a complete recovery but moments of ease when we can breathe easier and feel freedom from our mental dramas.

If we allow ourselves to explore the spirit dimension with precedence to the body and mind, the pathway may lead us to deeper and more lasting healing. In this scenario our intuitive selves and life experiences take a front seat. As key players invested in lifting us up and out of suffering, intuition and experiences offer insights normally covered up by the external forces who define healing for us.

Where do we start with spiritual healing?Consider these five steps as your guide.

Accept dialogue may be slow and quiet at first. 
When we have been the dictator of our lives and use control as a mechanism for managing our wellness, intuition will need coaxing and quiet time to tap into its infinite wisdom. Once initiated, the voice attunes itself to find and care for its highest and best self. Truth prevails as barriers to healing disappear.

Orient beliefs and energy towards true desire for healing.
We cannot mix desire with wishy washy beliefs. Energy doesn’t know how to align itself in two directions so its default will go towards the stronger belief. Usually it means the negative self-talk wins for that is what is most familiar to us. Without clarity and a resolve to stick to getting rid of old beliefs, wounds will linger and take on other unhealthy forms.

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Express curiosity. 
Asking questions doesn’t mean we are judgmental and forgot our way to healing. Curiosity signals the inner self to seek out an objective answer to re-align and restore ourselves. Inner movement seeks possibilities when we ask ourselves “What truly matters?” from an authentically inquisitive place.   Curiosity gives us the opportunity to hone in our intuitive instincts. Then we have the capability to stare at resistance right between the eyes and use resilience to see our light not our limits. Then we make peace with the mystery and head towards humility and understanding. 

Return to love. 
When we can go inside ourselves and find love we find healing too. When we extend compassion to our compromised parts we soften and make way for new energy to enter into the space. When we undo the ego that prefers to focus on suffering our spirit stays strong and on course.

Surrender body and mind.
It’s so easy to give pain the upper hand when we struggle.  It’s so easy to act as a victim, worry, complain and be angry at ourselves. It’s so easy to turn into short-tempered and self-centered beings. It’s so easy to take our problems out on the world and act out from a place of despair and loneliness. When these sneaky triggers occur, hand them over to the Divine for proper disposal. Power up your connection to your spirit and passionately remind yourself of your mission for healing.

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