How to Optimize Your Search Engine

When you have a question about how to do something or need help finding a great restaurant, it’s likely you turn to the Internet. Mighty search engines kick in, and within seconds various websites’ answers appear. If a website makes it to the first page of your search, it’s likely the exact words of your questions are configured in the answers.  

“Getting clear and specific about your ideas and emotional needs builds a healthy inner search engine.

Knowing how to frame questions is key to obtaining the best answers. The process of bringing words together in search of answers is called SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Businesses spend millions to appear on the first search page. These expensive investments insure a company’s continued online presence.  

So, how to optimize our inner search engines? What to do when we struggle to locate our heart’s internal road map as we wander off the main thoroughfare?   

Let’s optimize your internal emotional search engine to keep wayward emotions contained, and replace them with congruent emotions which insure better alignment with your heart’s desires.

As with Internet questions, internal questions require clear thinking and well thought-out investigating. Double meanings or extraneous mind meanderings stifle the process. Be clear in your intentions and sincerely seek to know what your heart desires.  

What to do when you feel strong emotions, but don’t know what they’re telling you? Let’s say you begin to experience anxiety or sadness, but don’t know where it comes from. Perhaps you go through a litany of whys, but remain confused as the unhappiness drags on for days. Your mind ruminates over confusing theories, and you feel stuck to get past the pain. Over time your heart becomes tired, frustrated and unsure about how to move forward.

If you can relate to this example, then it’s time to sit yourself down, get quiet, and listen more intently. Your heart is telling you it requires your active participation.

Take an active role in aligning to your heart’s desires. On a piece of paper write, “How Can I Align With My Heart?” at the top of the page. Draw two columns. Label Column A “Same Old Emotional Answers” and Column B “New Emotional Answers.” Fill in each column with the emotions you believe relevant. These are your key words. Be honest. 

Uncover those emotions in Column A and release them. This is a first step towards healing.

Substitute now the new emotions in Column B – the emotions which best resonate with your heart. When we listen attentively to the stirrings of our heart, we guarantee its role as a vital compass to putting us on the proper highway and heading in the right direction. When we respect its top-billing presence in our lives, we are rewarded with feelings of harmony and authenticity.

Your heart is your most valuable possession. It insures your humanity and keeps the flame of proper love of self and others alive.

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