How to Spiritually Clear Your Space

Helena and JJ have spent months at home due to COVID-19. Their 2-bedroom living space does triple-duty – sleeping, work station and gym.  One of them often complains about not going to the office or exercising outside of their garage.

Helena’s COVID experience is a string of annoyances. After upgrading the home computer, learning how to use online meeting platforms and buying gym equipment and cooking daily, she’s had to figure out how to stay on top of her schedule. Accustomed to being out and about in the world, the pandemic routine makes her irritable and frustrated. Every day she asks herself when the the dislocations and upsets will disappear.

JJ’s COVID experience is one of sadness and anxiety. He looks out his home office window and sighs. What has happened since COVID? Will he return to traveling for work? His sadness, however, is not new.  He’s gone through frequent periods of depression, but eventually makes his way back to happier states. But he is convinced the pandemic isn’t going away soon.  He reluctantly expects COVID to further threaten, confine and limit

his freedom-loving work and leisure activities. 

Helena and JJ make adjustments in their relationship. Early on they played board games, watched funny movies and assembled jumbo puzzles. They’ve since become bored and are running short on ideas of how to together enjoy themselves.

Helena and JJ miss joining other couples for Friday night happy hour. Everyone enjoyed discovering new hot-spots, grabbing a few drinks and sharing laughs around the news of the day. JJ is highly social and experiences the withdrawal from weekly gatherings particularly disorienting.

Helena’s job responsibilities have mushroomed. She now has little time for breaks. She shuts the bedroom door to block off noise from JJ’s office. He finds loud rap music invigorating. Helena loses focus with anything more bombastic than easy listening radio.

At the end of work they unwind separately. Helena enjoys reading and painting.  JJ plays video games on his laptop. They have split responsibility for picking up around the house and cleaning bathrooms.  JJ’s sadness fuels his forgetfulness. He is pretty much oblivious to messiness.  Helena tires of reminding him to do chores. She’s stuck between doing all the housework herself or becoming angry seeing a pile of clutter.

Their shared dwelling, once a place of respite and relaxation, has devolved into a toxic container of stressful emotions and drama. The couple struggle to articulate how these freshly experienced emotions build and circulate negative energy in their surroundings. The stale trapped energy settles in for an undetermined period.

The negative space compounds:

Lack of clarity. Questioning of the relationship and its future

Higher tension. Series of mishaps

Avoidance. Exhaustion and burnout

Chaos. Mental muddiness and confusion

Increased conflict. Physical symptoms (nausea, tightness)

JJ’s talks to a friend. Although he can’t exactly describe it, something feels heavy and off. The friend suggests a spiritual house clearing.

What is a spiritual house clearing?

Have you ever visited a house or space and felt that the vibe is off? What residents are doing, thinking and feeling directly impacts a locale’s vibe. Going through challenging times like COVID vs. celebrating a family member’s happy milestone is reflected in a dwelling by way of various circulating energies.

Clearings are a great remedy when stress overtakes joy in a house. House energy, like our body energies, gets off- balance and needs tuning-up. Saging or smudging is one choice.  However, if negative energy persists it’s time to consider a deep-clean.

Spiritual house clearings involve a professional who combines training with intuition and intention. The practitioner uses a blend of chants, sounds, prayers and commands to release unwanted low energies to open space to higher vibrations.

Performed remotely, spiritual house clearings don’t involve smoke or grand gestures that might make neighbors wonder what’s going on. The practitioner does the work from a distance. Although residents don’t need to leave the home, it is recommended they participate and send positive thoughts to the clearing process.

Just like people, houses need regular infusions of Peace, Love and Joy.  External influences like emotional upset and COVID play havoc with energy.  Investing in spiritual home clearing assures peace of mind, allows light to flow in living spaces and disperses stale and stagnant energies.

JJ and Helena agree it is time to clear away COVID’s presence. A fresh start motivates them to respectfully care for themselves, each other and their home. 

Together they implement better choices around their relationship and their shared stress.

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