How to Talk to Dead People

Halloween typically inspires stories about “the other side” and everday conversations circulate around sightings and sounds from the invisible world. Most people believe there are two separate planes of existence, the physical and the spirit. Others think that contact with spirits is impossible, taboo or scary.

For those of us who connect to the spirits on a regular basis we believe our souls are joined forever and separation is an illusion. After death physical reality (see, touch, hear, smell, etc.) disappears and we are absorbed into the energies of peace, love and joy. In spirit form we are free in every sense of the word and can easily exchange these energies with anyone at anytime.

Would you like to get in touch with a loved one who is on the other side? It is a truly meaningful adventure! Here are tips for tapping into and understanding the spirit world:

Imagination inspires conversation. With closed eyes and a mental picture of loved one, the invitation to connect has been initiated. If no picture shows up grab a photograph of him/her and stare at it for a few moments. Stay quiet and relaxed. Listen and be open to any rising sensations. Offer gratitude for time spent together. Write down your experience or share it. 

Souls are joined forever and separation is an illusion.

Spirit communication is open to all humans. No special power is required. Our ability to tune into anyone, above or below the grave, is rooted in the energy of love. Love circulates between “borders” and harmony is established. You are now interacting from the same energetic plane. This means flow has opened the portal between parties.

Sometimes we feel our loved one is not around and signs of their presence are minimal. When we feel this way it is time to take note of our energy in recent times. If we’re stressed, grieving or tired, our energy is depleted and compromised. Getting rest and taking mental breaks fills up the tank and makes more room for spirit talk.

Is there a chip on our shoulder or missing information we need from our beloved? If we are mad at or cannot forgive our loved one, these energies will block the flow between them and us. An energetic link cannot be activated yet without professional help to guide the conversation. In this case schedule time with a professional to get answers and find healing. 

For some of us there is a fear something bad will happen to us if we try to talk to the other side. Again if our intent is to exchange the energy of love with another it is unlikely something strange or spooky will happen. If discomfort occurs just stop the flow and do something else like walking or calling a friend. 

I received a call from an older woman who wanted to check in with her deceased parents. She set up an appointment for a reading and was so excited to spend time with them again. Within the hour her daughter phoned me to cancel the visit because her religious views prohibited this type of activity. If we have any doubts about taking time with the spirit world it’s better to find an approach such as prayer or visiting a grave to say hello.

How do we know if we have made contact with our loved one? A number of clues can tell us we are on the right track. Unexpected gifts such as a penny on the ground, a call from an old friend of the beloveds, a song on the radio or a license plate can spark memories and feelings of love from the world beyond us. What hints have shown up in your life?

Do you miss your loved one and want to catch up on old times? Come on over and let’s set up a date!

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