I AM Love

World’s Greatest Mystery

Love is the welcome that tells us this is where we truly belong; the assurance that we have found our place. – Surrender to Love, David G. Banner

Love is tricky. Culture, religion, psychology and society attempt to teach its meanings. Poets, musicians, artists and philosophers strive to plumb love’s unfathomable mysteries. We yearn for love. We kill for love. We live for love. And so, too, we die to the world’s greatest mystery.

History illuminates that love is not explained through words or art. Incalculable thousands upon hundreds of thousands of books and poems devote millions of words in all mankind’s languages to its expression. The world’s mightiest monuments commemorate loves’ outpourings -The Taj Mahal, The Louvre, Versailles, come to mind. They celebrate and house the world’s greatest artworks and symbolize love’s unrivaled power to express mankind’s depth of eternal love and longing.

But, what does it really mean?
Bottom line: The only way to love and be loved is to Believe in Love.
Repeat: The only way to love and be loved is to Believe in Love.

Our restless spirits, in-spite of whatever other intentions we claim or cling to, commit us to this lifelong existential undertaking of uncovering love’s personal meaning for each of us. Believing in love and constructing all that we do in love is how we are meant to live our lives.

Love – Our greatest Teacher

To live without love is to live lost and lonely in ego. When ego spills into relationships, our exchange of love with others becomes diluted and disturbed. We miss love’s point when we no longer hear its tender call. Sometimes love’s faint call is simply drowned out by an immense wall we build to shield us from our self-created petty hostilities. The essence of love crumbles under the weight of conflict, dysfunction and judgment. Love is unrecognizable as the radiant eternal force which Conquers All.

Festering wounds erected in the past conspire to construct walls around our hearts. If we meet someone and desire a future with them, we may be hesitant and fearful. We don’t want a repeat of bitterness or uncertain outcomes.

And yet – the only way love works is to Stand Still in the moment. Present Love extinguishes counterfeit beliefs of what relationships require from us.

Love – The great surrender

To surrender to love means a daily commitment to:

Form relationships based on trust, safety and respect

Free our hearts to express tenderness and affection

Heal ourselves and others

See and embrace the Divine

Inspire our Higher Self to rise up

Transform and awaken spirit

Release our deepest fears

Expand our eternal connection

Accept ourselves as perfect and complete

Commit to creating and manifesting love

Step into awareness

Open our hearts to unbounded potential

Love – The great foundation

We are made of love and built for love. Throughout our lives the construction of our heart/hearth undergoes continual massive renovations. Love insures our hearth’s foundation remains solid and sturdy.

Believe in Love. Build Together in Love.

Heart/Hearth’s Foundational Construction Stages:

Step 1: Clear Space of Negative Clutter

Negative clutter must be cleared from hearth space, otherwise the foundation will not survive.

What parts of the past show up today? Do these parts help me or keep me stuck?

What wounds deprive me of love?

Do I act and react out of desperation or love?


Step 2: Slab/Base stage

Laying a foundation of love signifies faith in love’s power. We begin by infusing our hearth with loving thoughts, actions and prayers. The foundation requires proper drainage to quickly dispose of “ego clogs” which threaten to sabotage the hearth.

Step 3: Frame stage

Defining love for self and others requires installing a hearth-centered internal and external support structure. Frame stage measurements must align to support mutual love exchange. This is the only way to prevent ego from insinuating itself and manipulating our efforts and outcome.

Step 4: Fit-out/Fixing stage

In this construction stage, design features such as cabinets, fixtures and shelving are added.

Customizing the details further defines a hearth as “home.” How do we practice love of living in our heart-home? Shine our eyes to convey to others that we hold heart space for them. Allow body language and simple words to show to others they matter.

Step 5: Practical completion stage

When painting, installations and detailing are complete we move in to our heart-home. Our whole selves feel refreshed by love’s infusion. We define our love from a clear and affirming space. We give and receive love from a spacious and genuine hearth.

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