I AM Peace.

Anxiety Blocks Peace.

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.” -Alice Walker

As we wander through life’s thicketed forest, we encounter over and over our mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Standing alone in the wild exposes us to shadowy perceptions capable of disorienting us. Our energy can becomes disturbed. We may attach ourselves to the disturbance. The phenomenon called “anxiety” is one such attachment. Anxiety erodes our strength and inner vitality.

Nature was intended to test our inner strengths and resolve. Yet if we allow ourselves to succumb to winds made from fear, the mighty gusts will amputate our delicate branches. Once fear filters into the fibers of our bark, our ability to stand tall is splintered. Our internal trunk no longer stands centered and strong. If fear’s mighty winds carry on for an extended period, they will gather force and emotion. The extreme movements eventually threaten to uproot our inner tree’s majestic structure. The relentless shifts unbind us as we hit the ground, no longer running.

In stark contrast, where peace presides disturbance is temporary like a passing storm. Where peace reigns “the still small voice” is heard.

Initially, fear seems simply a pesky intruder. It sashays on life’s stage in various clever costumes: control, illusion, fantasy, anxiety and panic. It’s consuming nature distorts rational thinking. If we ignore or hide from fear, it will relentlessly stalk us until we unwittingly imbue our inner roots with its DNA. We now wither from the inside.

Trudy fears illness despite a clean bill of health. She imagines suffering from crippling chronic pain. She is anxious before checkups. Disabling diagnoses dance in her head.

Devoid of any moments of peace, Trudy’s inner tree turns unstable. A Survival Mode alert goes out to its branches and leaves. A tree innately recognizes that survival mode should only be temporary. If anxiety takes root unattended, survival is no longer assured. For Trudy’s inner tree to heal, deep-seated fear needs immediate attention.

During coaching Trudy examines the debris which has attached itself to her “inner trunk.” She tenderly examines her broken and anxious parts, left abandoned by untold years of neglect. Finally, Trudy awakens to reality. Her internal Knowing pronounces, “There must be a better way.”

In the blink of an eye, this truth-revealing epiphany sparks a massive clearing in the deep forest of her mind. The radiant light shining forth is irresistible.

Trudy chooses to stand tall and root herself in this new clearing of peace – the better way. Using imagination and intuition, her heart gets in touch with hope and profound possibilities. Her inner-roots find clean fuel (vs. contaminated fear) to thrive. Trudy grounds her inner roots with this lesson:

“Some days I grow from a place of ease and grace. Some days I grow from a place of effort. With effort and grace I try my best because the reward of peace is more valuable than a lifetime of anxiety. I am capable of re-directing anxiety on the physical, emotional and mental levels.”

How to tap into peace in an anxious world? Here’s the 4-step plan Coach outlined for Trudy:

1. Gently move.

The physical self is prone to pain because of our fear-based thoughts and poor self-regard. We expect exercise and healthy eating to get us past the poor soil we’ve been languishing in for so long. We must clear debris and replant our ground with kindness and gratitude.

2. Listen to your body with reverence – not expectation.

When we impose demands we invite the energy of fear. This is the fear of entitlement. The body doesn’t understand entitlement. It only understands peace. If it is anxious, ask how to offer comfort.

Physical movement is the fastest way to check in and notice anxiety. Is your body shaking? Is your stomach flip-flopping? Is your heart racing? Is breath moving too fast?

Get up and get moving so anxiety doesn’t have a chance to grow. Physically remove yourself from the stressful situation. Breath slowly with intention. Shake your wrists, then your arms, legs and torso with the intention to release anxiety. No permission required to jump up and down to calm nerves!

3. Imagine peace.

It is said there are two parts to the brain, the head and the mind. The head is linked to the ego – the place of rational thinking. The mind is joined with the Divine – the seat of imagination. Turn your focus to the mind. Imagine connecting to peace:

Turn on the light switch attached to a big sign. The sign says PEACE. Head towards a comfy chair. Sit and stare at the PEACE sign. Breathe in and out.

How many seconds did the sign stay on before distractions turned it off? Did you get frustrated ? Did you pressure yourself to return to peace? Could you laugh at yourself for your short attention-span?

A combination of breath and imagination waters our roots and allows energy to flow upward and outward into the trunk and branches. Infusing peace into the spirit.

The voice of peace is always whispering to us. The voice is wise, pure and loving. Moments of silence help tune us into our inner chamber and recognize the “still small voice.”

Sit in silence. Visualize again the peace sign. The sign is subtly offering words of wisdom and calm. What do you hear? How does peace express itself?

4. Use prayer to access the Divine Forest of Peace.

Let go of negativity. This modified prayer was inspired by author Susan Shumsky. Say this prayer out loud with confidence:

I now let go of worn-out energies, hopeless conditions, useless ideas and futile relationships.

Divine right order, divine right peace and divine right timing are now established and maintained in my body, mind, relationships, finances, in all of my affairs, and in my world.

Through the power of the Divine and my indwelling Higher Consciousness, Divine circulation is now at work in my life.

The inflow and outflow of everything in my life is established in divine order and harmony.

I am peaceful, balanced, whole and radiant.

I am centered and empowered. I am courageous and strong.

Thank you Divine, and So It Is.

When our physical, emotional and mental bodies are centered and empowered, we inspire others. A community of peaceful people inspire humanity to build forests of lasting peace.

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