Introducing Sparkle: The Ultimate Energy Clearing Spray!

Inspiration arrived at my doorstep without notice. It was a big idea: Create my own aromatherapy spray for clearings.

I let this big idea percolate in my mind and heart before sharing it with close friends and family. Thanks to their nudges and love, Sparkle is here!

How did I come up with Sparkle’s ingredients? I searched Google for famous apothecaries in history, and one website featured photos of several figures which intrigued me. I stared at each person while tuning into his or her energy. A French woman with a stern face caught my attention. She related she had valuable oil blends to offer people on earth. Moments later, her recipe was handed down, or should I say, handed over to me.

Even though this French woman outlined specific oils for Sparkle, I felt a wave of doubt cover me. Am I on the right track? The oils commonly used in clearings did not show up here. With further research, I discovered this recipe is the perfect clearing blend. 

In the last several weeks I have taken Sparkle for a test drive on clients and friends. Even my dog Mimi has been sprayed down when wound up or feeling blue. So far the feedback has been awesome!

Why use Sparkle? Sometimes you may sense that the air around you is dense or unsettling. Or you may experience an emotional setback such as a breakup or other deep loss. Usually, this means there is an accumulation of unwanted energies seeking release. Sparkle spray is specifically designed for opening spaces that feel sticky and stagnant. Within moments, Sparkle releases built-up negativity, refreshes the mind, clears stale energies and eases stress and anxiety.

Unlike smoky smudge sticks, which may disturb sensitive noses, Sparkle can be used in work settings, yoga studios, Reiki/Polarity therapy rooms, massage practices, hospitals, nursing homes and businesses. Sparkle’s scent is light. Positive energy lingers for 24 hours.

Ready to purchase Sparkle? Visit any one of these fine retailers or buy online!

Sparkle is blessed with Love and includes these oils*

  • EUCALYPTUS – Breaks patterns of poor health/Encourages personal responsibility for health
  • GRAPEFRUIT – Shifts focus from body abuse to body love/Encourages body respect for and appreciation
  • LIME – Clears grief, suicidal thoughts and feelings, hopelessness/Instills hope, courage and cheer
  • SANDALWOOD – Assists with disconnect from God/Spiritual Self, materialism, over-thinking, emptiness/Encourages humility, spiritual clarity, stillness, surrender
  • CLARY SAGE – Clears creative blocks and misperceptions/Opens spiritual vision/sight
  • LEMON – Assists with mental focus and staying present/Restores feelings of joy and contentment
  • WILD ORANGE – Clears scarcity mindset, low energy, over-working, jealousy/Supports positive mood, creativity, playfulness
  • MELALEUCA – Clears negative baggage and toxic relationships/Empowers Self and attracts healthy relationships

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