Are you looking for intuitive guidance to get the clarity and insight you need to move forward in your life and relationships?

As an Intuitive, let me help you receive the answers you seek for a fresh start and clear focus. Intuitive readings are sacred, uplifting, and incredibly moving.

Through years of personal struggles, such as physical pain, burnout, compassion fatigue, and heartache, I have learned how to integrate the gift of intuition into all aspects of my life. From picking out vegetables to choosing friendships, intuition lies at the heart of every decision.

Intuition teaches us how to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.

With the support of an intuitive, you’ll tap into a clearer focus on well-being while welcoming other types of insights into your life. Intuitive sessions bring awareness to fresh perspectives, possibilities, and long-forgotten parts of you.

What Is An Intuitive Session?

Enlightened messages encourage you to access your power and insights from your Higher Self. Because we remain in the present moment and plugged into divine energy, every reading represents an individualized, one-of-a-kind experience. When we meet, consider it a time you would spend with a trusted friend, an advisor, or a pastor.

We connect with loving energy and discover who or what is influencing your story and your healing. Then we push past fear and engage our imaginations to create meaningful shifts in the heart and mind.

Intuitive readings, angel-guided readings, and cord-cutting sessions are available in person or remotely via phone or video. Learn how Rita trusted her intuition to lead her to her sunglasses.

Clients enter a relaxed and open setting where higher energies, “incoming” information/appearances from other divine beings, departed loved ones, and/or pets show up. The visit may include an exchange of words, energy, and teachings. At any time during the reading, you are welcome to ask questions or share stories.

Rita will confirm the information and present these precious communications to you. You have the option of writing down the highlights of your Intuitive Reading. There may be post-reading “homework,” such as exploring a career path, researching a message more in-depth, or repeating a prayer/mantra to support you.

Depending on your energy levels at the session*, you may be asked to lay on a massage table to clear any negativity, suffering, or heaviness blocking you from feeling better. In addition to asking for Divine help, Rita may play instruments or use her voice to assist with release. Clients report feeling lighter and relieved for several days after the session.


Whether you have been together for a long time or are in a relatively new relationship/friendship, being a couple is not always easy. Many of us wait for love/friendship for a long time. When we finally get it, we perhaps imagine a ‘movie-like’ experience – lots of exciting communication, real emotions, tactile contact and more…

Over time, once the initial euphoria starts to cool off, the humdrum of life sometimes gets in the way, and the connection flips in other directions due to work schedules, petty arguments – like whose turn it is to wash dishes, or fight over money, values, lifestyle choices, friends, kids, etc.

How can a Relationship Reading help your connection?

If you feel neglected or taken for granted, maybe it is time to have an open-hearted conversation with Rita. Talk through why you are stuck in a rut, why negative patterns are showing up, and how to light things up and get back to practicing love from a fresh perspective.

Relationship Readings offer you support and guidance on pulling all the parts of the relationship jigsaw together.

Virtual and in-person sessions are available. Ask about our discount packages!

What Is An Angel-Guided Session?

Typically, you start and end each session by invoking the Angels into the space. Four specific Angels come forward using the card deck “Harmony of Angels” (created by Angela McGerr).

During the session, your chosen Angels typically share guidance through a channeled message. Suggested next steps may include crystals, prayer, meditation, or a special gift. The reading provides plenty of information to jump-start your healing and growth.

Since the space is open to higher energies, “incoming” information/appearances from other divine beings, departed loved ones, and/or pets may occur. Rita will confirm the information and present these precious communications to you. You have the option of writing down and taking photos of the highlights of your Angel-Guided reading.

Intuitive Readings Light

What Is A Cord-Cutting Session?

Intuitive Reading

When we experience a strong emotion lasting fifteen minutes or more, we become attached to that experience and activate a cord. This attachment can occur with an individual, a situation, or an event.

Attached energies can create patterns leading to feeling lost, hopeless, and stuck. Sometimes, the source of physical illness and disease is associated with corded energies.

From time to time, a client appears to have energetic cords that have contributed to their suffering and state of unhappiness. By invoking Divine Beings of Love and Light, Rita will perform a sacred clearing ritual for the removal and release of these negative cords.

Cord-cutting has made a life-changing difference for those clients who took advantage of this powerful cleansing.

What Is A Group Reading?

Group readings are intimate sessions for up to ten people. Here, members receive a private reading to link with their loved ones, choose an Angel card, or connect with a Divine Being for messages. These moving experiences are ones of great emotion, tenderness, laughter, and tears.

Readings with loved ones may include information such as their name/nickname, how they passed over, hobbies, and other quirky details about their lives as you knew them. Through Rita’s messages, you will see your loved one’s personality come into the conversation.

For example, they will share certain sayings, cooking techniques, and body language to remind you they are the same. Remember, their energy hasn’t changed; they exist in spirit form.

Guests may bring a photo of a loved one to the reading, but it is unnecessary.

Turning Point Intuitive You Got this Sign

2 Types of Group Readings

A gallery reading is a 2-hour session for a group of people who are all together in one room. In this setting, not every attendee is guaranteed to be read, as the deceased decide who they want to connect with and for how long.

Private one-on-one is a 3-hour session where each person will receive an average of 10 minutes per reading.

Disclaimer: The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or illness.

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