Is it easy to connect with deceased loved ones?

Paul is a little more than curious.

Paul is fascinated to contact people who have crossed over. He reads books on spirit communication and hears stories from friends about loved ones knocking on doors or turning on the lights. Now that he has experienced a personal loss, Paul longs for spiritual encounters with the Other Side, but hasn’t yet made official contact with anyone.

When Paul’s beloved grandfather Jimmy dies, Paul starts to see “Poppa” Jimmy in his sleep. Although aware of the spiritual world, this is Paul’s first contact with the deceased.

After Poppa’s passing I had dreams we were visiting certain places he cherished in his physical life – the family farm, the back woods or a nearby creek. At other times, I pick up Poppa’s familiar outdoor scent. Although I don’t see him, I feel him around me. I can’t hug him, but I feel Poppa hugging me!

“You are right. I am hugging you and reminding you of how much you mean to me! I will always be by your side.” -Poppa

It’s time for Paul to get answers.

After several months of similar signs, Paul speaks to an intuitive. He wants to verify that is is truly Poppa, and find out if there are more messages. Paul is grateful for Poppa’s presence, but feels tremendous guilt about circumstances surrounding Poppa’s passing. He yearns for closure and communication in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

I worried about Poppa from the time of his major stroke which required him to use a ventilator. He could not speak. When I asked him a question, he answered by shaking his head yes or no. He told us not to remove the machine until after he had seen his sister. However, he was never able to see him. Then things took a turn for the worse. Poppa was in a lot of pain, and the ventilator no longer supported his breathing.

To this day, it haunts me that we had to remove the ventilator and didn’t get a chance to ask him if he was ready to go. In my heart, I think if he had said no I couldn’t have agreed to remove it. Before he officially passed, I held his hand and told him I would come back the next day to see him.

Poppa died alone in the middle of the night. I remain sad that I didn’t get to tell him I loved him one more time. I pray every day that he forgives me and that he wasn’t let down.

Paul’s visit with Poppa is remarkable.

Prior to his visit with the intuitive, Paul receives these instructions:

  1. Tell your beloved that you will be at an appointment (say the specific date and time of visit),and you request that they be there. Say this information out loud.
  2. Bring an object or photo connected to the person you wish to contact.
  3. Watch or listen to the deceased’s favorite song or movie prior to the appointment.

Eager to complete these tasks, Paul talks to Poppa and asks him to be at the upcoming appointment. His grandmother gives Paul a tattered plaid shirt Poppa wore around the farm. He smells the cloth and instantly recognizes the scent as the same one that’s been surrounding him. Saving his favorite task for last, Paul now plays Poppa’s favorite 1950s music. Poppa loved Big Band tunes and often whistled them. Paul feels the need to write down questions to help him let go of the guilt regarding the ventilator decision and not being there at the time of Poppa’s passing.

  • Why does Poppa visit me in dreams? Why does he take me to these places?
  • Is that outdoor smell that shows up from time to time a sign that Poppa is near me?
  • Is it possible to feel Poppa’s hugs?
  • Is Poppa upset because we didn’t respect his wishes about the ventilator? That I wasn’t there when he passed away?
  • Can Poppa let me know he is ok? Does he know I love and miss him?

At the reading Paul senses a presence in the room. He feels a change of energy – love is in the air and a sense of comfort passes over him. Can that be Poppa? The intuitive begins the session with an opening prayer asking Poppa to present himself and to share messages. Poppa responds. Poppa asks Paul what he is doing with his “good shirt.” Paul laughs as he looks at the raggedy old cloth. The comment puts him at ease. Poppa tells Paul (through the intuitive) the story of when he got the shirt and why he kept it all these years. The story puts a smile on Paul’s face. He again feels connected to his beloved grandfather.

Poppa has plenty to say about his nocturnal visits.

Paul, I wish I had taken the time to show you these places in person. The family farm is so dear to my heart. Your grandmother and I created so many happy memories there. We loved to stroll through the woods in Fall, hand in hand. I proposed to your grandmother at the creek and promised I would take care of her. We visited throughout the years and together cherished that beautiful memory. My heart is in these places. Sharing them with you means a lot to me. Perhaps you will take your grandmother to these places and she can share her side of the story!

Paul nods and tears well-up. He is grateful for these glimpses into Poppa’s physical life, and can’t wait to take grandmother on a road trip to the creek. Poppa goes on:

You are right. I am hugging you and reminding you of how much you mean to me! I will always be by your side.

Paul is both happy and sad. Oh, if he could only hug Poppa right now! Paul thanks Poppa for the hugs and requests they keep coming.

The reading has been enlightening and comforting. However, Paul still needs closure on the ventilator decision and longs for some final words. He mentally prepares himself for answers, while emotionally feeling anxious. He says to himself: “I’ve spent a lot of time, maybe too much, replaying the hours and days that led up his sudden passing. No matter how many times the story has played through my head, I always get stuck at the final goodbye. I long for closure.”

What will Poppa say now?

In the hours before I died, I saw old friends and family members I hadn’t seen in years. I somehow knew I was moving on to a different place. Peace surrounded me and lifted me up and out of my physical body. The ventilator fell out of my awareness as I drew closer to that peaceful place. The physical body was letting itself go and I walked toward my friends and loved ones waiting for me on the other side.

Please don’t trouble yourself anymore about the ventilator or not saying goodbye. I’m happy we can reach out, and I will keep nudging you for a long time! You can ask me for guidance. By the way, I like the music you’re playing these days! It makes me want to whistle!

Paul feels relieved and overjoyed by Poppa’s words. He describes the sensation as feeling free and forgiven. Thanks to this wonderful reading, a layer of grief has been released. Paul says I love you to Poppa one more time and leaves the session full of hope and wonder. It’s time to start a new chapter.

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