It’s a Heatwave!!!

Have you watched a movie or news clip of a fire’s aftermath? As you absorb the dismal surroundings senses lurch into overdrive. Skeletons and shadows suddenly outline the landscape replacing former life. Smoke and dust obscure belongings and memories. Amidst the rubble, a random toy or photograph pop up on the smoldering landscape offering bursts of color and memories of a once familiar world.

“Regardless of how resilient we may imagine our constructed inner space, we can quickly become unhinged by flying comments or unexpected flare ups.

Lately my routine-filled days have been overturned by the heat of unexpected conversations, and mounting pressure to fill gaps in caregiving for loved ones.

Are you familiar with facing a string of personal heat waves? Do you recognize the despair of matches alighting and scattering in all directions? Intense emotions flame and quickly dissolve the once-familiar and expected. Regardless of how resilient we may imagine our constructed inner space, we can quickly become unhinged by flying comments or unexpected flare ups. Finding relief from the heat and rising out of the ashes is possible. Remind yourself:

I am not weak. The Self is going into rest mode. When the world around you is smoldering, sit on the ground. Let the earth support you. Touch what is solid and needs no input. 

I am not empty. The Self is creating a new space for understanding. Return to one simple idea you know for sure, such as “I believe I can.” Repeat often with momentum.

I am not stuck in a pit. The Self is looking for a new definition of freedom. Believe in your dignity to stand again. Depend on the strength of your character to lead you to the other side.

I am not falling backwards. The Self is moving forwards. Forgive yourself and others. Seek Divine support. Surrender to healing.

When the heatwaves fill up your space and relationships look for signs of life in yourself. One day you will find insights and gain awareness to strengthen and empower you.

Can’t escape from the fire? Help is on the way! An intuitive reading is full of information to help you breathe again.

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