Time to Fly

Juanita learns about self-care – what it is and what it isn’t.

Based on this breakdown, Juanita realizes three important things:

  1. Her body is broken and lacks energy.
  2. Her head/thoughts are negative and toxic.
  3. Her heart/emotions are jumbled and all over the place.

By understanding the importance of connecting and committing to improve herself, Juanita no longer wants to live in fear, pain and without a voice. Does she trust herself enough to get the job done?

With Coach, Juanita writes out a simple self-care plan she can adjust anytime. If she starts to relapse into old patterns and sees signs and symptoms, she promises to reach out for guidance.

Symptoms may include:

  • Trouble staying on daily tasks
  • Anxiety which escalates into being out-of-control
  • Intense feelings interfering with getting through the day
  • Inability to manage emotions without food, alcohol or substance binging

After a few months Juanita finds herself in a better place. She actually feels good. Her body uses food to fuel her throughout the day.

Without hangovers on the weekends, she has energy to increase her dancing from two to four times a week.

Although she’s stopped talking to some friends, she now connects with new ones through a Facebook group. The group hosts a virtual birthday party that came with plenty of laughs.

The motivational books and music keep her moods upbeat and joyful. Her favorite practice is to sit in silence and smiles at her soul.

She loves being in her imagination and trusts that the world will soon move past the pandemic. She offers heartfelt love and peace to all people and hopes they find light in the struggle.

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