Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Create an Angel-Guided Vision Board

For fun and personal growth, I like to read books and articles about successful movie stars, athletes or entrepreneurs.

As these individuals describe the events leading to this awesome place in their lives, one piece of advice is consistent: their constantly use of imagination.

Consider this, America’s favorite daytime TV host, Ellen DeGeneres, shared her vision board with the audience. Ellen posted images and words describing her dream of being an Oprah magazine cover girl; and sure enough, it happened.  

What’s your vision of greatness?

Vision boards allow you to express, through words and pictures, your dreams to the world. Vision boards also:

  1. Help you stay clear, focused and excited
  2. Build your desire to find ways to make it happen
  3. Breathe life into what is in your mind and heart

What if I don’t have a vision of greatness?

Maybe you don’t have your heart set on being a magazine cover girl. Sit down and close your eyes for a few moments. Ask the Angels to help you turn on your imagination and show you the way.

Do you have an idea you want to come true? Your vision could be a change in your lifestyle, a commitment to peace or traveling to Hawaii. If your TV screen shows you something that makes you happy and hopeful, then start there.

How do I make a vision board?

  1. Gather materials: old magazines, glue, cork board, poster board, scissors
  2. Set aside a few hours of relaxation time alone or with friends.  You can easily make this into a fun play date!
  3. Set a timer for one hour. Grab a bunch of old magazines, especially the ones with pictures, quotes and words that you really like. Look through the magazines.  When you find anything that gives you a positive feeling about your dreams, cut it out. In no time, you will have a pile of cutouts for your board. (If your friends are joining you, ask them to do this ahead of time.)
  4. Find a big open space.  Spread out your cutouts all over the floor or table.
  5. Before you pick anything out of the pile, begin your activity with this reading:
    “May this vision board be a true and joyful reflection of my dreams. May the right people and experiences help me realize my dreams. May I remain clear, focused and excited about my dreams. May I be open, willing and ready to see my dreams come alive. I am grateful for this opportunity to breathe life into all that is in my mind and heart.  Thank you for your love and support, dear Angels.”
  6. Now, choose as many images and words that bring your vision to life. If you have extras, pitch them or keep them in a folder for another time. (You should see the size of my leftovers!!) Glue the cutouts to the board.
  7. Once your board is done, look it over. Allow your eyes to sparkle. Allow your whole self to dance with delight. Thank your Angels for their support of your vision.

All set! Find a spot for your board, somewhere that you can look at it and smile. I hang my board in the bedroom so it is the first thing I see upon waking and the last thing I see before sleeping. For you, it could be your office or kitchen.  

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