Let Freedom Ring!

Independence Day in the good ‘ole USA is a mighty big deal.

The smells, colors and sounds in the parks, backyards and pools promote a festive vibe around the country. It is a time of remembering a past where people fled oppressions and fought for a life of liberty and freedom.

In today’s modern world, definitions and meanings expand to include these major cornerstones:

“I am free in the Body.” 

Bodies may feel awkward, tired and often struggle. Think weight concerns, aches and pains. Days become centered on what to eat and wear and activities for your physical well-being.

Think about how you look and talk to your body when you look in the mirror. Do you bash your body with insults and criticisms? Do you run away from the idea of taking care of yourself?

When you feel free in your physicality, you listen and respond with kindness. You understand and appreciate its incredible gifts. You seek ideas to stay in tune with its changing seasons. 

“I am free in the Mind.”

Imagination is so powerful. It literally blows the mind open to wander and inspire itself with positive messages. How do you use your imagination? Is it turned off or ready for awesomeness?

You’re in charge of your mindset. It’s time to let go of feeling not good enough. It is time to break away from dissatisfaction and anger in relationships. Freeing the mind feels risky – we strive for control. Control only speaks the language of fear and limitation.

When Mind is allowed its freedom, it is patient and accepts that all is on track. Why? Because only the present moment truly matters.

“I am free in the Spirit.” 

Spirit’s energy permeates every moment of our lives. Sometimes, the voice is loud and strong; other times it is quiet and weak.

Are you committed to seeking Spirit out no matter what? When Spirit is free, life feels light and radiates peace. There is a connection to the Divine Flow in the day. You have a natural desire to establish oneness and peace with others, not separation and attack.

Joy engulfs your spirit with those you meet. Light is everywhere and in everyone.

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