Love’s Energy

Can you imagine love?

When we insert “love” into our imagination, moments and memories trickle into the space. As our minds churn over these flashes of love we naturally drift away from chaos and distraction and shift to another time and place. At some point the imagination summons more parts of us to enjoy the infusion of love. Once love lands in its hub, the heart, another shift occurs where love changes to flow or energy.

What does love have to do with energy?

Love is true. Love is everlasting. Love is home.

Energy can be tricky to describe to others. Essentially, it is a vibe that we sense in people, animals and places. We can’t put our finger on it (literally and figuratively), but our gut sends out a signal that something feels different. Energy vibrates either high or low.

Energy Examples:

  1. Haunted houses. We have no proof of an energy’s presence in a particular house. But we feel it, although we can’t give it a specific name or shape.
  2. Animals. Humans and animals do not speak the same language. We human beings speak to animals through our energy which translates emotions such as fear and love.
  3. Silence. Even without words, we nonetheless possess an ability to tap into the buzz of a crowd or the warmth of a person. People sense the vibration of a space and another person’s energy.

Generating love or consuming fear?

Because energy’s love is eternal and unchanging, many poets, sages and singers declare it as a super power. Regardless of circumstance or tragedy, love has a way of pulling us toward what is real and true. Love generates energy while fear and low vibes consume energy. Every day we have the opportunity to choose whether we generate or consume energy. The fastest way to step out of low vibes is to connect to love.

Going back to the idea of remembering loving moments and memories, we experience a lifting of the spirit, bliss in the body and rejuvenation of the mind. Love has the ability to wrap its energy around every inch of us and bring us closer to our True Self. On the other hand, low energy produces negativity in the spirit, pain in the body and emptiness in the mind. Its operating system is based on failure and shortcomings. Low vibes have the ability to take us down, keep us stuck and breaks us apart.

Humanity’s quest for love

Not only does generating/consuming energy show up in our personal lives, it circulates in our families, communities and world community. Global conversations on the environment, power, greed, peace and joy have a tremendous impact on us. We entrust our leaders to generate loving energy, yet unfortunately they fall short and forget the bigger picture. With personal agendas and corporate power at the helm, our higher mission gets compromised and the collective energy gets consumed with suffering, lack and conflict.

“The planet does not need more “successful” people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.

— Dali Lama

Are you a global love generator?

Planet Earth is our literal earthly home. In earth’s heart, a pulse of Peace, Love and Joy happily beats for us. It is possible for us to call upon these divine energies for light, strength and grace. Together let us take a few moments and create love in our world:

  1. Get centered in your heart. If you do not love yourself, you can not give love to the world. Imagine two empty bowls. To pour water into the second bowl from the first one, you must fill the first bowl with water. The same principle applies with love. Love begins by honoring, respecting and loving yourself. Generate the love you wish to see in the world by forming it in your own heart.
  2. Clear the heart and mind of low vibes. Before releasing the power of love, clear the mind of all unwanted thoughts or inner voices. Relax mind and body so the energy of love you are about to share will be pure and free.
  3. Imagine opening your heart and in its center is a shiny red jewel. The red jewel generates a warm white glow which flows from the chest to all the cells in your body, starting from head to toe. Extend this light from your body and into your surrounding space. Let it travel out of your space and into the world. You are now in love with the whole world, including yourself. Peace and love surround you. Remain in this state for as long as possible.
  4. Send love energy. Choose the option that best resonates with you – light beam or warmth:
    Light beam – Imagine the world in front of you. Direct your imagination to the heartbeat of the earth. Send your love from the shiny red jewel in your heart. Stay in this state until you feel that the energy of love has been sent. Say these words:

I am sending the energy of love to the earth and to all Beings.

The warmth of love – Imagine the earth in your hands. Fill the planet with warmth.

5. Believe in your love.

Your energy of love has been sent. Done! Do not doubt. Close the exercise with deep gratitude for your investment in generating love.

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