Peaking Inside Your Spiritual Toolbox

What is happening to Carrie?

Carrie is at a crossroads. Her seven-year relationship with Joey is fizzling. She goes to work only for money and benefits. The anticipated loss of Joey and continuing the cycle of going to a dead-end job surges to overwhelming fear, anger and loneliness. Read: The Joy of Connection

The spiraling pain pushes Carrie to eat fast-food, drink wine and spend hours shopping online. This morning the bathroom scale blared her 12- pound weight gain. For someone who prides herself on a nice body shape, Carrie has reached an all-time low. She convinces herself that Joey’s departure is inevitable. Who wants to love a “frumpy, depressed, drunk” woman?

Carrie realizes she has hit The Big Wall. How to deal? She is screaming on the inside, and doesn’t want to wallow through another day. Carrie is wounded and broken. She seeks Wellness Coaching to help unlock meaning to empower herself.

Time for Change

Carrie wants to feel better. How to purge mental and emotional confusion? Coaching reveals three key patterns:

  1. The obsessing brain has reached saturation. It interferes with her mental well-being. Goal: Mind needs room to engage perspective, makes integrity-based choices and builds mental stability.
  2. Her heart is so full of pain it has no room to generate love for herself or others. Goal: Heart needs space to give and receive love and stay in touch with truth.
  3. Her Divine Self is calling, but she cannot hear the call. Goal: Spirit needs attention to experience Peace, Love and Joy.

A Revealing Toolbox (Hint: No hammer required!)

Carrie sees how ego-driven thoughts and fear-based emotions overtake life. She now approaches her Divine Self with humility. Her first thought: “If my Divine Self fails me, I am doomed.” In this moment, Carrie pauses to look inside her spiritual toolbox.

A spiritual toolbox enables us to shift from survival – affected by the outside world- to internal energy-driven thriving. Dr. Sue Morter in The Energy Codes says the human system or “Energy Man” is comprised of five layers:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Spiritual body = basic energy

Mental body = thoughts, beliefs, values

Emotional/feeling body = senses, feelings

Etheric template = chakra system

Physical body = earthly vehicle

Carrie discovers the Energy Man description the key to unlock her spiritual toolbox. She chooses to create an energy-based life with these tools:

Imagination (Peace)

Carrie sits under a tree and takes a few deep breaths. At first the head churns another round of distorted thoughts. Then the heart fills in gaps with the hurts circulating in her life. She asks the commotion to slow down so her imagination can show up. Eventually, Carrie visualizes herself in a space where her divine self embraces her and places a bright light in her hands. This light is her true essence. As she gazes upon the light she feels safe and strong.

Wonder (Joy)

She is relaxed and her imagination is engaged. Carrie taps into the next spiritual tool of wonder. She is curious about how her light will flourish and help her gain perspective on her struggles. A voice inside her tells her she is able to come here for clear guidance on how to transform her drama into freedom. Carrie listens to the voice for answers on letting go of her unhealthy patterns.

Compassion (Love)

Filled with divine light and inner guidance, Carrie bravely moves into her heart. The heart wants assurance that self-inflicted bruises and badgering will stop. Carrie writes down the names she has called herself. She records what happens to her emotions while at work. Her most frequent symptom is no-emotion. She realizes she commands her heart to shut down and not show up.


Carrie reviews her notes with Coach and identifies her common themes: “I am unworthy and unsure of belonging. I am out of touch with my senses and emotions. I don’t trust either myself or Joey. Nothing feels safe or right now.”

To let go of these unhealthy themes, Carrie commits to using spiritual tools of imagination, wonder and compassion and creating a new and improved version of herself. Her practice includes:

  • check-ins to make sure she is making choices from a perspective of inner listening.
  • noticing how healthy foods give her good energy and takes away the sugar and wine brain fog.
  • learning to trust her inner voice. Although daily drinking did not seem a big deal, Carrie agrees to consume two glasses a week. She eventually experiences how wine keeps her numb and out of touch with her inner voice. She concurs it’s time to appreciate and use her inner voice.
  • engaging her heart. Carrie wants to observe the world with a full and open heart. The heart (her new best friend) helps her to access self-love and empathy. Instead of frequent waves of doubt, she chooses the sure and steady path of love generated from inside. Heart meditation

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