Sparkle: The Ultimate Energy Clearing Spray


It’s time to shed the dread and show the glow! ™ Sparkle is an aromatherapy spray designed to clear adults, children, pets, cars and private and public spaces. Inspired through meditation, its custom oil blend boosts mood and freshens up stale settings.


Please read before use.

  • Test for allergic reactions on wrist

  • Avoid reach of kids and pets

  • Do not store in car, near heat, computers or other technology

  • Not for internal use

  • Avoid face

  • Avoid use before exposure to direct sunlight

  • Store at room temperature

For Best Results

Shake spray. Start by closing your eyes and offering a blessing for the person/pet/place. Say it out loud and with confidence.
Example: “I bless this person/pet/place/object in the name of Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light.”

Suggested Uses

Adults and Children: Spray around head

  1. After a stressful task, discussion or meeting

  2. Upon realizing you feel worried, sad, drained, stuck or tired

  3. Before and after school

  4. After a challenging conversation

  5. Upon exposure to trauma and drama

  6. After visiting a hospital, cemetery or funeral home

  7. Before meditation, ceremony or energy work

Pets: Spray on head or body

  1. When anxious and out of sorts

  2. Before and after thunderstorms or loud noises

  3. Before and after boarding/daycare, veterinary visit or hospital stay

  4. When pet owner is dealing with grief, chronic illness or major life event

Public/Private Spaces: Spray in and out of doorways, corners, walls

  1. After entering hotel room or unfamiliar space in which you will be staying

  2. Great for: businesses, offices, yoga studios, Reiki/Polarity therapy rooms, massage practices, hospitals, dorm rooms, nursing homes, public areas with a lot of activity

Bedrooms/Heirlooms/Antiques/Crystals: Spray the object 3 times

  1. Next morning after an intense dream, nightmare

  2. Upon acquiring/purchasing heirlooms and antiques

Cars: Spray in, out and top

  1. Before and after your commute

  2. After you had a stressful ride with a passenger


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